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Adam Chisholme

Welcome! Thanks for stoping by. I'm just your average, middle class, working, tax paying, all American Joe. I'm a military veteran, have seen my 50th birthday come and go, earned my BS in management in only 26 years, and I've managed nothing or no one since graduation, I have terrets when I'm behind the wheel during rush hour, but I look for the comedy in every situation possible. I'm a jack of all trades and master of few. I'm fairly handy around the house, but I know my limits. I measure twice, cut once... then go get another piece of wood and try it again. Sometimes it pays to have the professionals take over. That said...

My hope by being here is to be able to share something worth your while and add a touch of levity as well. Maybe a fix it trick, genealogy tips, getting rid of moles (the burroughing kind), having fun with those pesky cold callers, repurpose stuff into other stuff, or just talk about John Wayne vs. Clint Eastwood... Enjoy your day and, again, thanks for stopping by.