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Erin Hardison

Wife, mom, home cook, and enjoyer of games and crafts.

I'm an avid reader, lifetime learner, co-keeper of a reef aquarium, and maker of all sorts of healthy treats. I love spending time with my 6 year-old daughter and future marine biologist/dolphin trainer, BunnyJunior. We play with cool toys, have lots of adventures and do homeschool 3 days a week. (There's usually a good bit of overlap between those activities, by the way)

My awesome writer/consultant husband got me hooked on writing in 2008 via, where I created guides to the best toys for young children, discussed ideas for delicious, healthy foods that kids will actually eat, and much more. In early 20014, I became the Educational Toys Contributor on Squidoo, and now that Squidoo's content has merged with HubPages, I'll be bringing you more about living, learning and playing well.

P.S. -- BunnyFabulous is the nickname my husband gave me. If you're going to be you, why not be the most fabulous you possible?