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Hi.I am Emma. My internet name is Ddraigcoch and sometimes Ddraig, depending what site you are on.

Ddraig means Dragon and Ddraigcoch(which grammatically should be Ddraiggoch) means Red Dragon. As in the Red Dragon on the flag of Wales.

Did you know it fought a White Dragon to be there?

Ynys Mon, Where my heart belongs,Anglesey to the rest of the world. Home of the Bards and Druids.

I am a WAHM of 4 children. Also a Home Educator and a Carer.

I live in England, UK. I was born in North Wales though, and my heart still very much resides there.

I am loving my time on HubPages and have met many lovely people. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read my articles, follow me or leave me a message. I enjoy reading your articles also.