Diane Mayer Christiansen

Diane Mayer Christiansen, author of Plaet A: a mother's memoir of autism spectrum disorder, has been writing young adult books for ten years. Her characters’ center around children with special needs or who feel as if they do not fit it. Planet A is her first nonfiction work. Christiansen was diagnosed with dyslexia in second grade at a time when it was not considered a viable neurological difference. She struggled academically but earned a BA degree in Science at Aurora University. She went on to work in a laboratory setting doing genetic research at both The University of Chicago and Northwestern University. Christiansen switched gears once her son, Jackie was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and began advocating for autism awareness in her community. Today she speaks, along with her son and his friend Alexander, to educators and parents creating awareness and understanding in the face of high functioning autism. She also enjoys freelance writing for several parenting magazines and websites. She is the co-Founder of redDAY Pledge, a campaign of kindness that can be used in the school system.