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Donna Fairley Huebsch

I'm a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) whose unschooled daughter is now making the transition to college. We deal with the challenges of her chronic health issues - she has scoliosis and was diagnosed last year with a rare genetic condition called hypermobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - it's a whole new world learning the details about HEDS.

I have many interests...crafting, especially beading, healthy cooking and eating, and home renovation. In fact, hubby and I are in the middle of renovating a foreclosure that we bought in Feb. 2011. You can read more about these things in my blog at

In life-before-motherhood I spent 16 years as a systems engineer for IBM, and can't quite get the computer-geekiness out of my system :o)

I love to work with beads. At one point, realizing that I had given all my friends and relatives all the beaded items they could possibly need in their lifetimes, I looked for an outlet for my beading. I discovered Etsy and set up a shop there, Cell Chic, where I sell my handmade phone charms. Now I get to buy beads that catch my fancy and occasionally sell a few items to support my habit :o) My Etsy shop can be found at

Being on the computer is so entertaining that I find it's a constant struggle to balance life activities with time on the computer...I find that if I'm not careful, my computer is a black hole of my time :o)