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Gabby McMahon

I am a 40 year old happily married girl, currently living in Ireland, but originally from Hungary. On the 31st of March 2012 my life had changed forever as I married the love of my life. Right now I am blissfully happy, living in beautiful Ennis town in Ireland with my new husband. I have a Masters Degree in Science from Hungary, but since I have re-trained, and now I am working as a Qualified Financial Advisor at a leading Financial Institution in Ireland. While my two different degrees may confuse some (science and finance?) I have found that they both include my passion for research and analysing things. Here I aim to write research based hubs basedm mostly from my experience in Ireland so far; what it's like being a foreigner here, living, working, getting through paperwork, bureaucracy, while trying to embrace my heritage etc... I have also pledged to make my life better, through positive thinking, manifestation technics, subliminal videos etc. My main passion in life however will remain football (soccer for some), and I will continue writing about football on Hubpages under Donnacha C.