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I have been married for twenty three years, and am the mother of a 14 year old girl and a 19 year old boy. Although I think of myself mostly as a Mom, I've worked as a high school teacher, junior college teacher, office manager, doula, midwife's assistant and phelbotomist.

I homeschooled my son for two years, and currently teach English classes for homeschooled high school and middle school students. I also teach SAT prep classes.

So many topics interest me: history, anthropology, family dynamics, health and anatomy, Christian life, literature. Hubpages gives me an opportunity to polish my own writing skills while writing on topics I choose. It also gives me a varied audience, and feedback. These are very nice for a writing teacher: we read so much of other's writing, we like a little attention too.

Thank you to all who read my hubs! Tell me what you like and don't like! Thank you to all who voted me into Hubnugget heaven!