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Anthony Davis

I have been writing stories since I was old enough to hold a pencil and put words together. I write to entertain and to inform, but mostly because I enjoy it!

Most things I write about are from the serious to the very twisted. In any case, my goal is to put bits of my imagination into the hands of the reader. I let them decide for themselves how they wish to take it.

I wrote my first “book” around the time I was in the second grade. I still have it, too! It’s about a bird catching a worm that I wrote and illustrated on notebook paper. I used the notebook’s subject divider pages to make the cover. This, too, I illustrated.

After I stapled the pages together I sat for a moment to admire my handy work. It was then I knew what my passion was, and I haven’t stopped writing since. It’s only been recently that I made the decision to put what was in my head in the hands of other people. Of course, everyone’s a critic, but the critics aren’t the ones I write for, are they?