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In The Doghouse


There is nothing like a get-away from the real world like a trip to the Doghouse. The Doghouse is where the "Big Dogs" go to stay. In fact our motto is, "Everyday is a great day at the Doghouse."

Are you itchin’ for some adventure? In The Doghouse there is always something “fetching” to be found. This Old Dog will show you how to do everything from finding a new hobby to planning a family vacation, and yes, maybe prove “you can teach an old dog new tricks!”

With some serious digging you may find that pedigree charts are important, this Dog can help you find your own champion line, because genealogy is one of her specialties. In fact, there is plenty of family in the house, mixed with a few strays, and that always creates stories to share.

"You can’t run with the big dogs if you sit on the porch", forge ahead to new uncharted territory and become a pioneer for the rest... check into the Doghouse and you may never leave.

So consider this your official invitation to The Doghouse. So fleas, I really don't want to have to beg! Come in, sit down, stay awhile, have a bite to eat, or play a game. Just remember your training, thumbs up if you like it!

Being "In The Doghouse" isn’t all that bad,
Good times and memories will be had.
So adventure like a pioneer and see,
All the treats there just might be.
I better end this silly rhyme,
Or I’ll Be In The Doghouse one more time!

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