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Jasmine Hanner

Aloha! My name is Jasmine, and I am a curious human tumbleweed. I love to travel, and from this love grew a desire to become financially independent and discover a profession that allowed ultimate freedom. Iceland, Nepal, Indonesia, Italy, Norway... traveling to a new place is always at the back of my mind. ​​

I work as a freelance editor and writer, and occasionally do seasonal work (2019/2021 summers I was working in the Alaskan wilds! More here) or contract jobs to supplement my income. I also love work-for-trade (Workaway is my favorite site) to travel cheap!

A little background—my family has roots in Cuba, and I'm very proud of my Cuban heritage. I grew up in West Virginia, Arizona, and Australia (moved there alone at 19). Now I live in Maui. The Hawaiian islands are a complex melting pot of pristine beauty, insane amounts of unsustainable tourism, and rich, widely misunderstood culture.

Nature is my favorite place to get immersed with surfing, hiking, and photography. I'm also a maniac for cooking, eating (snacks are of utmost importance), writing, reading, discovering new ways of financial freedom... and, of course, traveling.

Mental health is another of my favorite topics. I'm firsthand familiar with depression, social anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD, and have loved ones with moderate to severe mental illness—I'm free to chat with you anytime about these things if you'd like to reach out.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about me. Have a beautiful day, ALOHA!​

FUN FACT—here are the 27 countries I've explored so far (mostly solo): USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Israel, Japan, Brunei, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.