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Joanna Blackburn

Joanna Blackburn began her writing career in her early twenties as a columnist for The Women's Weekly / Medical Report. Her column "Does Anyone Know My Name" was only the beginning of her writing career. As her family grew, she began to write children's stories, which she has yet to publish.

Sometimes life events need to be shared so that others know what might happen to them. For this reason, she started writing ebooks. Some Fiction and some Non-Fiction.

Joanna spent 10 years teaching at Early Learning Child Development Centers, where she shared her children's stories.

So I guess you can say that she has spent her life creating and writing stories. Even in high school, she struggled in class, so the teachers always gave her some writing assignment to do. They even convinced her to enter a contest to represent the school, called "Americans Are Free to Become......"

"All my stories have been inspired by my children, Adam, Carina and Charlotte."