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Joanna Blackburn

Joanna Blackburn began her writing career in her early twenties as a columnist for The Women's Weekly / Medical Report. Her column "Does Anyone Know My Name" was only the beginning of her writing career. As her family grew, she began to write children's stories, sharing them with the children in her classroom and on varies blog sites.

JoJo, as most know her by, has spent her life chasing the next story with camera in hand and her heart on her sleeve. In 2017 her writing career took a different path. On August 25th as Hurricane Harvey hit the coastline of Texas, she wanted to find a way to help those who really needed help. She headed to the coast unprepared for the sight she would see. This is where she found out just how much a writer could really help those in need. Some stories were published and brought help where it was needed, other stories have been compiled for a future book on surviving all odds.

As she works on her book she continues chasing the next story, which has lead her to Watonga, Okla. A small town with big history stories just waiting to be told. JoJo continues to create her Moon Children series as she gathers the needed research for the upcoming series of articles.