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Jordan Mullican

Living in Indiana the majority of my life, I tend to see that same things repetitively. Yet I have had a multitude of experiences for someone my age. I'm not quite twenty-four. I've been through custody nightmares, moved countless times, had heartbreak annihilate my life, found and lost members of my family, dabbled in two different job industries, and recently I've made my place in a family of six. I've learned, I've lost, and I am still learning to be honest.

Writing has always been a part of my life. I've kept journals on and off most of my life, I enjoyed all composition and writing classes in school, and while I have attempted to start a variety of books, I haven't quite managed to finish one yet. I aspire to accomplish the same as my mother at some point, having published numerous books, I'd love to have a bookshelf dedicated to only my personal writings.

Hoping to gain traction here, my goal is to begin publishing some of my writings, dreaming of one day being able to write for a living and possibly even support my family on my dream.