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Josephine Hanan

Hi. My name is Josephine Hanan, but you can call me Jos (with a long o sound).  If you call me Josephine, it feels like I'm in trouble (And it wasn't me, I swear! grin).

Why am I joining hubpages? Well, it's the first thing I saw about blogging on google (and you can always trust what's on the 1st page, right?)...

Plus, I've always LOVED to write since I was a little kid.  I used to drive my parents crazy... as I would only write proluges (openings/back stories)and epilogues (exciting final chapters).  

As I explained to my parents: "No one really cares about the middle... so why should I write one?"

An e way, I do way too much BORING business writing, so I thought I'd use hubpages as an outlet to be a little creative, have some fun, throw grammarical (or it grammatical?) conventions out the WINDOW, and maybe even learn things about myself (which I struggle to get out of my mouth, but can somehow transfer to paper for other people's amusement).

Not sure if Hubpages is the right forum for what I'm out to accomplish, but I guess we'll soon find out...