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Kate Spenser

Kate Spenser is a freelance writer and graduate student. Originally from Massachusetts, Kate has had a rich variety of experiences that influence her writing. As a former full-time nanny, she is very interested in topics related to children, childcare, and parenting. Kate has a BA in Religion and a Master of Divinity, and can talk for hours on end about religion and spirituality. Her other interests include social issues, pop culture, theater and dance, urban living, and, of course, writing. Kate currently lives in Austin with her partner and their yellow lab puppy.


My Hub Boynton For Bedtime: Favorite Bedtime Reading for the Under-5 Set was a hubnugget winner on June 29, 2011, recieving the most votes in the Books, Literature, and Writing category! Thanks so much for you support, and if you haven't already read it, please do and let me know what you think!

My Hub Childhood Literacy: How to Encourage Kids to Be Lifelong Readers was selected as Hub of the Day on July 17, 2011! Thanks again to the Hubpages community for supporting my work!