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Kim Egan

I have spent my life striving to understand, and then teach, what it takes to perform and succeed. Throughout this journey I have been a student, athlete, employee, coach, and entrepreneur. All of which has given me insight, knowledge, and understanding into individual performance. As the co-founder of two training and development firms, I have helped thousands of business professionals, managers, and leaders increase their performance and deliver stronger business results.

As to be expected from such an experience, I’ve learned a lot over the years. Working with business professionals and leaders of all ages and experience levels, I found a number of common themes emerge.

Everyone is looking to improve.

Everyone wants to be their best.

Everyone wants to be great.

I began to realize there are truths about the world not taught to today. Concepts I began to research and study in earnest. Principles critical to personal determination and the will to strive for excellence. Yes, these principles can still be found here and there, but in general our culture does not emphasize these time-honored principles, which not so long ago, were fundamental to our society. As a result, we find ourselves searching for answers—with few places to find them.

I began to consider how I could explain why freedom and our natural rights, as well as hard work, responsibility, and the human spirit are all required for achievement. I began to study why freedom and liberty are essential to success, as well as how and why these essential rights are secured here. I began to understand the opportunity and potential we all have because of what’s been created.

In the end, I’m just an ordinary American who saw the extraordinary and fell in love. I fell in love with what’s been created, and the ideas and principles behind it. I fell in love with those who led the way. I was moved and inspired by it all. Energized and encouraged, I saw opportunity and hope. I want others to see this too.

I hold a B.A. in psychology and physical education from DePauw University, and was a student athlete as a member of the DePauw women’s field hockey team. I hold an M.A. in counseling psychology from the University of Denver. After a number of corporate roles in the human capital industry, I co-founded the Center for Talent Retention, Inc., later renamed the Center for Talent Solutions, Inc., a boutique training and development firm focused on helping companies engage and retain their employees. After the Center for Talent Solutions, I co-founded Vado, Inc., an e-learning company dedicated to creating and distributing e-learning courses for business professionals, managers, and leaders. Vado’s courseware has been sold and implemented around the world.

Born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, I have lived in Colorado for over 25 years where I currently reside with my husband and daughter.