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Who I am was formed around the cultures along the Carolina coasts...Gullah and Geechee traditions were a part of my early life in the lowcountry of South Carolina; later the shrimpers' culture of the North Carolina coast influenced my life.

Golden salt marshes, ropes of Spanish moss, and stories of Hoodoo and the Lizard Man were embedded into my everyday life; an atmosphere that begs us tell the stories it holds.

What an amazing start I had in life!

I have have had the joy of being a parent times four ... biologically, and also through fostering and adoption. Many grandchildren hold my heart. They are an awesome bunch and a blessing always.

I am a licensed educator; have been a research librarian, youth director, foster and adoptive parent, and am wife extraordinaire.

I look forward to meeting the writers here, and being a part of the Hub team!