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Experience teaches us many things. Having lived and worked in many different cities and countries around the world while enjoying a fascinating and rewarding career and facing the trials and tribulations of rasing children, I learned there comes a time when it is important to slow down and smell the roses. And the organic vegetables. :)

My husband and I now live off the grid with our youngest daughter, still a teenager. We bake bread, care for farm animals, grow organic fruit, herbs and vegetables and celebrate sunny days when our solar-powered batteries are fully charged.

I have been a mother for over 30 years now and still have more teenage years ahead. The passing years have helped me to identify any true successes with my parenting style and, fortunately for my youngest child, I have the chance to do all it again - hopefully avoiding my past mistakes.

As my older children travel through life I am immensely proud of their ability to cope with the challenges and obstacles they face.

My off-grid lifestyle presents new challenges every day - but I have never been happier than where I'm at right now. :)