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NJ's Ponderings

Hello and thank you for visiting! I hope you find my site informative, helpful and useful, especially in the educational arena. I love to write about many, many items, but mostly about education--my true passion.


I am certified in three states, working on the fourth state. Currently I am certified in MO: K-9 Social Studies, K-8 Language Arts and MIddle School; VA: PreK-6; PA: PreK-6; and working towards certification in NY: Middle School, all subjects. Also, I have a masters in PreK-12 Administration and Supervision through George Washington University. I love teaching middle school and have had this pleasure for approximately 15 years. It is a wonderful yet demanding career.

I am on sabbatical to write and create different educational tools. My biggest project is writing a book about educational reform. While it will not be finished by the time I go back to work, I do hope to have this labor of love finished by September 2012.

Favorite Articles

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Viva La Difference! It is through the differences in our opinions that provide insight into other perspectives. For that and your warm words of encouragement, thank you!  I do enjoy reading each and every one of your comments!