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Paula Flu

I am a wife, a mother, a student and a bunch of little hobbies roles in my spare time. I try to do my best in all my roles and do it the most simple and least expensive way I can. I am also a seeker. After all those years of my kids saying “wake up mom”, my spirit finally responded the year I turned 39. That is the year I began what some call a “midlife crises” or “faith crises” or my preferred term a “spiritual awakening”.

In my life I have dealt with anxiety, depression, PTSD, my faith crises,a marriage crises and four children who are entering “teendom”. I’ve homeschooled, public schooled and earned a bachelors degree. I’ve been a Christian, a Mormon, a doubter, an agnostic, a seeker and a believer.

I love my children and my husband. I love to learn and read especially about energy, emotions, psychology, development, science, mindfulness and spirituality. I also love fishing, the mountains, Harry Potter and doodling.