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Polly C

I love the written word, the ability to catch an idea; moment or experience and share it with others. On Hubpages, I have written about several different topics - it is indeed the only place where I have published poetry. I like to write poems which can be easily understood and in which the language is simple enough to be dissected by the masses.

Recently, I have written about issues around separation, divorce and single parenting, following the breakdown of my twenty year relationship.

Travel is another big love of mine - I believe that visiting different places and cultures helps you to grow as a person. There are not many countries I wouldn't head to if I had the money.

Polly is my pseudonym - my real name is Rachel. Athough I only use 'Polly' as a writing name these days, it was once a nickname given to me at work - everyone addressed me by it for years and some still do. So, it is an identity that I feel comfortable with - it derives from the iconic comedy series Fawlty Towers, following a joke at work one day.

I live in the UK, in the gorgeous city of Norwich, with two sons and two mad kittens.