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Becki Rizzuti

I am not a medical professional (doctor or nurse), but am experienced in trying to conceive, being pregnant, giving birth, and breastfeeding. I've done a lot of research and I understand the anatomy of pregnancy. My goal is to provide you with facts, not advice. To this end, you may not be able to comment on all hubs.

Having been through four natural pregnancies, I've long wanted to share my experience with these pregnancies with those who are anticipating becoming pregnant, who are pregnant, or who are progressing through the early months of their child's life.

I support natural pregnancy and believe that it is best for mother and child to choose a natural path. Doctors sometimes get in the way of this process, and it is my contention that there is no place for drugs when a person isn't sick. Having experienced the local Indianapolis hospitals during pregnancy, and knowing others who have been abused by the system in my area, I want to reach out to others and encourage women to inform themselves before approaching their doctors for information: Not all medicine is good medicine.

This is a very personal account and while I don't aways write in first person on my hubs, this account may include a good deal of first person accounting of the experiences that I've had during pregnancy. I'll attempt to be candid, and hope that you'll respect my privacy by not asking too many personal questions.

Please remember that I am not a doctor. If you are particularly worried about your pregnancy, consult your physician.