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Kelly Umphenour

I am the RealHousewife of St. Louis.  I have been   married for 13 years and they have been the best years of my life.  I have 3 beautiful daughters.  They are 10, 12 & 23 so my house is always full of fun. 

I am a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (R.PSG.T).  I worked in sleep medicine for several years. I still research and love the science of sleep.

I love traveling and am a thrill seeker.  I love art. I am very good with colors, markers and coloring books.  I almost always stay in the lines:-)

I love to read and write about a broad range of topics.  I love HubPages and have learned so much from excellent writers such as, Austinstar, barbergirl28,  Just Ask Susan, and Motown2Chitown.

I own a small business that provides research reports in the real estate industry and have a license to sell real estate in Missouri.  First and foremost - I am a REAL housewife.  I don't have maids, cooks, or assistants. 

You can learn more about me by reading an interview by my friend and fellow writer, Ruchira who is about the kindest individual I have ever encountered!

My handwriting analysis was completed by brilliant hubber and writer Tammy Swallow....see what secrets my handwriting reveal about me!

Coffee with a RealHousewife

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