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Sarah Songing

Sarah is a busy mom of two young girls who resides in the Fox Cities of Wisonsin. She grew up in Minnesota, went to college and was married in south Texas, and also resided shortly in Ohio. She now spends her days being mom to Hope and Violet. Every day is a joy and a challenge. And like all modern mothers, Sarah is constantly growing and defining who she is, not just as mom and wife, but as a woman.

One of Sarah's main goals in her writing is to unite mothers on fronts they can all agree. She believes that there is far too much bonding mothers together to spend time fighting with each other over the whys and hows. This is why she's penned hubs such as Avoiding the Mommy Wars and Bonds of Motherhood.

Other hubs of Sarah's center around advice that all moms can find useful, from baby sign language to going out to eat with kids in tow.

Occasionally Sarah will also write on a variety of other topics that capture her interest, such as Twitter or Jon & Kate Plus 8. Become her fan, and you'll never be quite sure what will pop up next!

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