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Kathy Sima

After working for over a decade as a financial advisor, I decided to become a stay-at-home mom after my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. During my time at home, I volunteered for over five years on the board of a local autism organization, holding the positions of President, Vice President and Fundraising Coordinator. In these roles, I provided support and resources to other families, planned autism awareness and fundraising events, participated in media interviews, wrote content for the website and managed social media accounts.

I have worked part time as a financial analyst for a small company during the last couple of years, as well as doing some freelance writing and research projects. I've been a freelance reporter for a local magazine and currently do content writing for various organizations and small businesses for their websites and newsletters. I'm a writer and editor for City Mom Now Durham Region, the co-founder of and work as an assistant for a personal coach that works with individuals with ADHD.

I am thrilled to be pursuing my writing dreams after all of these years. HubPages was a wonderful discovery for me. I completed the six-month HubPages Apprenticeship Program in February 2013, which taught me a lot about writing for an online audience.

I have been honoured to receive the following several awards from HubPages, which encouraged me to keep writing - thank you HubPages!

Some of the topics I enjoy writing about include:

- Food & Cooking - Gardening

- Volunteering - Social Good

- Kids and Parenting - Travel

- Saving Money - Anxiety and Depression

- Autism - Bullying

- Social Media - Fundraising

Photography is one of my hobbies, so the photos used in my hubs will usually be my own work.