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Katharine L Sparrow

Katharine L. Sparrow has lived most of her life in New England, and briefly in Germany and Spain in the 1980's. She holds an AA degree with a Sociology focus, a BA in Foreign Language and Education, and an MSW from Boston College. Katharine has worked in the health care field as a health aide and PCA while an undergraduate. She has studied linguistics at Harvard University, speaks several languages and has taught both German and Spanish. After earning her MSW in 1996, she worked in the mental health field. She has three children, now all grown, and is finally an "empty nester"! Katharine has enjoyed creative writing since childhood, and in recent years has focused on writing poetry in both modern and traditional forms. She has two collections of poetry in print, and has been published in several poetry anthologies. Katharine has many hobbies and interests to write about, as well as current issues, opinion, and mental health topics.