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Tams R

Hello and Welcome to my Hubs!

I began this hub because I like to share things I've learnt and know as well as life experiences and there are plenty. I want others to learn from my experiences and hope to present them in a way that makes this possible. 

Things that make me happy are my spouse and my children. 

On a broader spectrum, I love the ocean and anything that surrounds it besides rogue waves. I don't necessarily dislike them, but it inhibits me from taking a cruise because I cannot talk my spouse to get on a cruiseship so long as they exist. (forever)

I like barnacles and seashells, ports and bays and sand (as long as it doesn't get where it doesn't belong.) 

I am a lover of nature. Animals are pure to me and while some of them are downright scary, I respect their space. Come in my home and it's a different story. :) 

I have a human boxer. Okay she's not really human, but please don't tell her. She's a riot and I don't know how we lived without her and with a lifespan of about 8 years, I worry about losing her. 

We have a cat and a crested gecko. The cat is named after Maximus Flavius and the gecko is T-rex Mowabe. He reminded me of the Mojave Desert and T-rex because he's like a miniature dinosuar looking creature. 

I have a quirky personality, sometimes serious other times off the wall. I don't aspire to change that about myself. 

My pet peeves are poor customer service and managers who do not appreciate their employees. In my mind, it goes both ways. Good managers make good employees or they fire them. 

Want to know something ask. If I don't want to answer, don't be offended if I respond, "decline to answer." 

Til then, I'm off to get creative. Hope to see you there.