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Being a mom can be challenging all in itself, whether you have one child or twelve. It all comes down to learning how to interact with each of your children. For me, it is often having two plans and two systems for everything. My eldest is sensitive and nearly everything will make him cry. He had ketchup in his hair the other day and cried his eyes out because he insisted as I was washing it out that it was blood and he was dying. My youngest is the toughest little guy I know. His older brother pushed him down the stairs and he bounced halfway down before I caught him. He had a bright red spot on his face from rug burn but didn't even whimper. Instead, he turned around to look at his big brother at the top of the stairs and yelled at him.

Now, here I am pregnant with my 3rd child and hoping beyond hope that this baby will be my sweet, obedient, calm, well-balanced, quiet child....but who am I kidding. This one will probably be the wildest of them all and I won't know what sleep or sanity is for 18-20 years.

I am also an Air Force wife and that comes with its own pressures and challenges. You're held to a higher standard because you're tied to the military for as long as your husband is a part of it. It isn't terrible but it can be difficult to navigate, especially when you're a parent.

My point is, I KNOW the struggles that you're going through and I really hope that you can enjoy some of the stories of my own struggles that might make you feel just a tiny bit better or give you that sigh of relief, the "I am not alone," feeling.

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