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I'm a passionate nutrition consultant, as well as a licensed teacher (for preK-grade 5), mom of two, and wife of one :)  I enjoy exploring with my garden and find a sense of peace when I see my vegetables and fruits growing successfully in my yard. (I'm not a nerd, I swear!) I strive to educate people on their food choices, as well as the corruption that has become our food industry.  I also focus on linking food to better health.

My other joys include reading good fiction that allows me to take an adventure into another world.  I enjoy a variety of music, good red wine, and quiet moments on my deck while watching the deer in my yard (Okay, so I AM a nerd!).

My two children have motivated me to be a healthier person because I want to be around long enough for them, and their children.......because of them, I will occasionally write about "momhood" and the craziness I endure. However,  I really do enjoy my life where it is right now.....premature wrinkles and all!