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Veronica Almeida

Raised in the beautiful city of Aveiro in Portugal, I moved back to my birth country – Canada – at the age of 17.

I have since attained an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, from Ryerson University and have been working as a Research Assistant/Lab Technician for over 5 years.

I am also a co-founder of StArt YPA (Start Youth Presenting Art) festival – a Scarborough-based youth-driven initiative focused on providing a platform for youth to develop their artistic skills and bridge the gap between young people and their communities.

Since moving back to Canada, I have also started my own little family of three and 1/2 – myself, my husband, our beautiful daughter and another little one on the way. I feel I am quite lucky for having them by my side and for having experienced such a diverse life.

My love affair with writing has had different stages, from the more creative pieces (i.e. poems, short stories) in my teen years, to a hiatus stage, on to the more academic stage I find myself in at the moment. These are all reflective of the many life changes I have experienced (i.e. being an event assistant, psychology student, mother, store owner, etc.), and my hubs will likely reflect this as well.

As you will see, I like to write about arts, social topics of all kinds, shapes and figures, and also interesting, random topics. If I had to single out one thing that I love most about writing I would say it is the learning process behind every piece composed. Does not matter the size, 500 or 5000 words, every single piece requires some learning curve that I seem to be addicted to.

Recently (2016), I started a blog of my own - E-riches Club - to help online entrepreneurs make money and become financially independent. At E-riches, you can find resources and tips on the many different ways you can make extra money, be it through small side hustles or online businesses.

Over here, I will continue contributing to HubPages with articles about a variety of topics that I encounter and explore along the way.