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Virginia Kearney

After over 23 years of college English teaching, I've developed ways to help people write better, faster, and easier. My articles are read by over 400,000 people each month (36 million views as of Oct. 2022), and I have personally responded to over 1,000 questions. My most popular articles explain how to write essays quickly and effectively. I have over 100 articles that cover most kinds of college essays. To quickly find what you need search on Google for your topic and VirginiaLynne or "Owlcation" (example: argument essays VirginiaLynne, or commas VirginiaLynne).

As a Christian mom of 5 children, two adopted from China, I also write about adoption, Science Fair projects, staying fit, how to cover grey hair and eyebrows, Alzheimer's caretaking, home improvements, Christmas, crafts, and recipes.

Note: My articles are copyrighted. Instructors are free to include a link to any of my materials for your classes; however, please do not print hard copies or post them online on your own website.