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Dan Harmon

Hi there! Welcome to my profile and hubs; I hope you find them interesting and useful.

Educated in Oregon in a small college, I received a BS degree in Chemistry which I leveraged into a job in Virginia, not far from Washington D.C. I lived in a rural county and over the years watched as it developed and the problems of a large city moved in on us. Crime and traffic increased exponentially to the point I finally decided to move back west and do something else.

Moving to Idaho brought me peace. I and my family love the outdoors and often spend weekends camping - usually just pulling off the road in an isolated area. With two sons and now 6 grandchildren it keeps me busy and happy.

Moving also brought a career change - I am now an electrician, helping to build schools, stores, and other commercial buildings. Quite a change from management in a small manufacturing facility, and after 14 years I still enjoy the challenges.

My interests include the sciences and math. I enjoy painting and home improvement around the home. And FISHING!

Check out some of the hubs here and see what's going on with HubPages. I have had a lot of fun writing my hubs, watching my reader base grow worldwide and have even earned a little money as I enjoyed myself. I have written of my first few months of partnering with hubpages; if it sounds interesting to you as well, you can join the HubPages group here. It's fun, free, and a great way to earn some extra money - why not give it a try?

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