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Susannah Birch

In the last 12 years I've completed a Diploma in Journalism, become a certified Birth Doula, completed a Master of Marketing, built a website to 500,000 views p/m, had two babies, started a viral disaster social media page, helped launch a local writing group, and half finished my book about surviving childhood trauma and 12 years of catfishing, which has since been turned into an award winning film script.

Before that, I was pretty boring.

I write sporadically on Hubpages now, but it's the place that got me started in earning online and this profile has upwards of 10 million views and counting. Check out my SEO guides if you want more info on how to get started on getting great traffic for your own content.

Connect with me on social media; check out my links at the top right.

[Profile Photo by Oh Tilly Photography]