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In the past, Yuliss has facilitated training and exercising of sheltered dogs in hopes the dogs could be adopted by new families. Through this experience she has gained knowledge of dog psychology, training and general care. What she enjoyed most about being with the dogs was seeing how sheltered dogs can add joy to so many people’s lives. Each dog comes with its own personality and unique story of survival.

Yuliss has owned dogs since her adolescents and has done various training with them. The most recent was a Weimaraner named Titan. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2015 at 14 years old, that's old for a Weim! He had a nice, long life.

Titan lived long enough to meet their first 2 daughters, now 9 and 7 years old. After which, they had a set of twins. The twins are now 5 years old. They look forward to getting a dog again one day since they have completed their human family.

Yuliss has studied child psychology in the passed and currently works in health care with adults and children. She also has taken a French course lead by Francophone psychologists on how children learn best, how to motivate young children and facilitate confidence and resilience in childhood to last a lifetime. Yuliss works to facilitate these two disciplines of dog psychology and obidence with growing families to help ease the growing pains and promote the positive experiences. It is possible to raise dogs and kids safely,and they all benefit!