Kansas Photography Studios 1880 -1930

Updated on May 18, 2020
Virginia Allain profile image

History fascinates Virginia and she loves to travel to historic places. Many of these are places her ancestors lived in earlier times.

Find Old Time Photos Studios in Kansas

Photos in cardboard frames often give you clues with the name of the photography studio and town.
Photos in cardboard frames often give you clues with the name of the photography studio and town. | Source

Finding Information about Early Photography Studios in Kansas

One of the ways to solve the mystery of family photos is by finding information on the photography studio. I'm compiling here the names of such businesses in Kansas during the late 1800s and into the early 1900s.

I'm searching in old newspapers to find these studios from the 1880s to 1930. I'll put them in order by the business name and include the name of the town and an estimated date or exact date if possible. Hopefully, for genealogists and family history buffs, this helps them identify the ancestor in their photo.

It's particularly helpful to know when a studio was in business and then compare that with people in the picture and estimate the era from the clothing of children and adults in the portrait.

There will be more studios added as I find them.

Format for Listings

Studio name (alphabetical by last name)

address, city

single date (from advertisement)

date range (estimated from known photos)

Advertisement for Brask's Studio

The ad features their new Kodak camera to make postcard sized photos.  Southwestern Collegian  (Winfield, Kansas) 07 Nov 1916, Tue  • Page 2
The ad features their new Kodak camera to make postcard sized photos. Southwestern Collegian (Winfield, Kansas) 07 Nov 1916, Tue • Page 2 | Source

Kansas Photo Studios - A - F

  • Adamson - Great Bend & Hoisington KS
  • George Aldridge - North Topeka KS, about 1890s, 1901 - 1918 advertisements. 1015 Kansas Avenue.
  • J.R. Bacon Studio - Kinsley KS, about 1890s
  • Bailey Studio - Wellington KS, about 1900
  • Balding Studio - S. Main Street, Wellington KS
  • Baldwin & Sons - Wichita KS, about 1880s
  • Mrs. Elma Bamberg - Topeka KS, 1918 ad
  • Baugh - 815 102 Main Street, Winfield KS, 1916 ad
  • C.J. Boeger - Topeka KS, 1918 ad
  • Bollow's Art Studio - Osborne KS, about early 1900s
  • Willis Brandon - Clyde KS
  • Brask's - Winfield KS, 1916 ad
  • Bridwell - Baldwin KS, 1912
  • Christopher's - Topeka KS, 1918 ad
  • M.D. Clark - Anthony KS. Bought the J.B. Lee Studio in May 1905.
  • D.R. Cottrell - Seneca KS, 1888
  • Da Lee - Lawrence KS, 1889 - 1894 estimate
  • Eitner - Ottawa KS/Baldwin KS, 1921 - 1922
  • Elete - Baldwin KS, 1898 mention
  • Miss Everhart - Leavenworth KS
  • Falk - Coffeyville KS, around 1926
  • T.W. Farr - Baldwin KS, 1912
  • Fennelly - Junction City
  • Fleischer - Streator KS, about 1890s
  • Francis & Hodge - Topeka KS, "The signature in the lower right corner is the photographer's logo, Francis & Hodge. Helen Francis (later Hodge) and L. Cady Hodge. They were a married couple and had a studio in Topeka at 714 Kansas Ave. in the late "teens" through 50's. Lincoln Hodge was an editor for the Topeka Capitol newspaper, Helen was a local artist." 1918 ad
  • Maud Frink - Ottawa KS, 1911 ad

Searching by City

To search for a certain city, use Control F on your keyboard to open a search option. Enter the name of the city you want.

Eitner Studio, Ottawa KS

Photo of my great-aunt Viola (Bolte) McGhee.
Photo of my great-aunt Viola (Bolte) McGhee. | Source

Kansas Photography Studios G - L

  • Gregg - Chanute KS
  • Arnold D. Grigs - Fourth Street, Topeka KS, 1922
  • Haddan - Coffeyville KS, 1909 - 1924 ads
  • Halladay Studio - Great Bend, KS, 1899 - 1900 newspaper mentions
  • Hamilton - Lawrence KS, 1885 - 1889
  • E. Leota Harper - Topeka KS, 1918 ad
  • H.B. Harrison's Sepias - Cedar Vale KS, 1905 ad (Fine up-to-date photos in all the latest finish Carbon, Platino, Sepia, also photos on silk. Harrison's Sepias are Fine, Family groups at your home. Flashlights and Interiors made. Enlarging picture a specialty, I take pleasure in showing my work, Please call at Studio and see samples and get prices. All the latest accessories to work with. I will please you. H.B. Harrison.)
  • Howard's Gallery - Eureka KS, 1881 - about 1912
  • W.R. Ireland - Holton KS
  • Johnston - Belleville KS, about 1890s
  • E.V. King - Topeka KS, 1918 ad
  • Kingers - Baldwin KS, 1905
  • Kirch Studio - Bucklin KS, 1915 - 1919, also Coldwater
  • W.H. Lamon - Baldwin KS 1885 (also Adams & Lamon 1866 ad - Lawrence KS)
  • J.B. Lee - Anthony, KS (It seems that J.B. Lee was one of the first settlers in the Anthony area. He was a city engineer and surveyor before opening his photo studio. The earliest mention that I find for it in the Anthony Republican is July 1897. In May 1905, he sold the studio to M.D. Clark.)
  • T.H. Lee Photography Studio - Seneca, KS, 1896
  • Leonard Studio - Topeka KS
  • C.F. Lewis - Lawrence KS, early 1900s
  • Loomis - Fredonia, KS.
  • Loomis - Emporia KS, about 1890s
  • Loomis - Lawrence KS, 1906 ad

My great-aunt, Bertha McGhee. The portrait was taken by Hodges Studio in Kansas City, Kansas.
My great-aunt, Bertha McGhee. The portrait was taken by Hodges Studio in Kansas City, Kansas. | Source

Keep in mind that the date of an advertisement is just a marker for a business. It could have started years before or exist for years after that date.

My great-uncle Albert Vining
My great-uncle Albert Vining | Source

M And Mc Studios

  • Martin - Hutchison KS, about 1890s
  • Mettner - Lawrence KS
  • Metz - Baldwin KS, 1904
  • T.I. Moffett - Lawrence KS, bought studio from Morris in 1908
  • H.V. Moore & Co. - 116 W. 6th Street, Topeka KS, 1910
  • Morris - Lawrence KS, sold studio to Moffett in 1908
  • J.W. Moser - Meade KS, about 1880s - 1890s


  • McFarland Studio - 1930

Kansas Photography Studios N - R

  • Newby - Baldwin KS, 1909 - 1910
  • Nutter - Baldwin KS, 1910 - 1911
  • L.S. Page - Emporia KS, 1873 - 1899
  • Peterson Studio - Parsons KS, 1914
  • Reese - Mankato KS, about 1890s
  • Rembrandt Studio - Pittsburg KS, 1923
  • Riches Studio - Emporia KS, started 1881
  • Ringers - Paola KS, 1910 - 1921
  • Ritchie Bros - Kingman, maybe 1880 - 1900
  • D. Rodocker's - Cedar Vale, Winfield KS, 1884 - 1916
  • Rollins - Osborne KS, about 1890s - 1900

T.M. Bixby - imprint from the back of a studio card. Herrington, KS
T.M. Bixby - imprint from the back of a studio card. Herrington, KS | Source

Over time, some photography studios were sold and may change names. Some appear to do business in a number of towns, rotating around to serve various communities.

Rodocker Studio Advertisement

Southwestern Collegian Winfield, Kansas, United States of America Tue, Nov 07, 1916 · Page 3
Southwestern Collegian Winfield, Kansas, United States of America Tue, Nov 07, 1916 · Page 3 | Source

More about the Rodocker Studio

Newspaper advertisement from 1904: " D. Rodocker, whose studio is at 814 North Main street, phone 34, has been taking pictures of the people here for the past twenty years. His gallery is well equipped with modern accessories. Mr. Rodocker is a representative or that which is new and high class, that has gone before. The excellency of his work gives more truthful testimony than words express and he is as ever one of the popular leaders of photography in Winfield." (The Winfield Daily Free Press, 29 Mar 1904, Tue • Page 6)

Dates for his photos would be 1884 through at least 1916 (see advertisement above).

Apparently, Rodocker traveled to Cedar Vale, KS, as an advertisement in that paper in 1907 said it was open every 2 weeks on Friday and Saturday. In 1908, O.C. Sartin purchased the Cedar Vale office from Rodocker.

Kansas Photography Studios S - Z

  • Juno B. Shane - 615 Massachusetts, Lawrence KS, 1890 - 1907 (later became Thompson's in 1908)
  • Snyder - 632 Kansas in 1889, 722 Kansas Avenue, Topeka KS, 1910 -
  • Snyder - Burlington KS, 1897 ad, sold to E.C. Wingett in 1899, 1901 ad
  • Snyder - 617 Commecial Street, Atchison KS, 1911 ad, 1929 ad, reopened as Sperry-Ferris Studio in 1932
  • Spangler & Bridwell - Baldwin KS, 1911
  • Squires - Baldwin KS, 1911
  • E.S. Stevenson - Leavenworth KS, 1914
  • H.D. Stowe's Gallery - Emporia KS, 1894 - 1897 ads
  • Thompson - Lawrence KS, 1908
  • F.A. Trader - Emporia KS, 1886 - 1892 advertisements
  • W.C. Triggs - Abilene KS, 1910 - 1916 ads, sold to W.E. Weirman in 1916
  • Underwood Studio - Kansas City KS, 1914
  • Utter's - Long Island KS, early 1900s, mentioned in Concordia paper in 1913
  • Elmer Willis Studio - 925 Massachusetts, Lawrence KS, ads from 1894 - 1903
  • E.C. Wingett - Burlington KS, 1899 - 1901 ads
  • J.C. Wolcott - 710 Kansas,Topeka KS, 1918 ad & 1928 ad

Snyder's on Commercial Street in Atchison, Kansas

The Atchison Daily Champion  (Atchison, Kansas) 27 Nov 1911, Mon  • Page 4
The Atchison Daily Champion (Atchison, Kansas) 27 Nov 1911, Mon • Page 4 | Source

More Places to Find Kansas Photo Studio Information

There's a book,

  • Mautz, Carl, 2018, "Biographies of Western Photographers. A Reference Guide to Photographers Working in the 19th Century American West", (Nevada City: Carl Mautz Publishing)

and a very helpful website which has photographers listed by state and also alphabetically: Langdon Road.

By 1910, Cameras Became More Available to Families

The Neodesha Daily Sun  Neodesha, Kansas 04 Mar 1910, Fri  •  Page 4 This means more casual photos started appearing in family albums.
The Neodesha Daily Sun Neodesha, Kansas 04 Mar 1910, Fri • Page 4 This means more casual photos started appearing in family albums. | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

© 2018 Virginia Allain

If you know about a photo studio in Kansas from this era, please tell about it in the comments.

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    • Virginia Allain profile imageAUTHOR

      Virginia Allain 

      6 days ago from Central Florida

      Rebecca - I'll see what I can find on these.

    • profile image


      11 days ago

      My great grandfather had a brother, Charles Daniel Avery Jr. who owned a photography studio, C. D. Avery Studio in Concordia, Kansas in the 1890s and early 1900s. Before 1910, as he moved to California by the 1910 census. One logo includes “ground floor studio”. We have lots of family photos that he took during that time and I can provide pictures of those. I would like to know more about the studio whereabouts and see advertisements! I also have a couple photos from a Reinhard Studio Concordia, Kans. One has a date of 1907. Would like to know more about that studio too. Love your site!

    • Virginia Allain profile imageAUTHOR

      Virginia Allain 

      7 weeks ago from Central Florida

      Willetta Samuels - I'm finding mentions of Halladay Studio in 1899 and 1900 Great Bend newspapers.

    • profile image

      Willetta Samuels 

      3 months ago

      Virginia, I have an old photo of my great grandparents taken at the Halladay Extra Finish Studio in Great Bend, Kansas.

      They arrived in the USA in 1880 and Great Grandfather passed away in 1904.

      I would love to find more information about this studio, so maybe the negatives are still in someones possession? Or find a date for photo?


    • Virginia Allain profile imageAUTHOR

      Virginia Allain 

      6 months ago from Central Florida

      Thanks, Dave, I'll add that one in and see what I can find out about the dates in old newspapers.

    • profile image

      Dave Haslett 

      6 months ago

      If your still maintaining this i have a new one for you, "The Hodge Studio" in Topeka, ks. I can send you proof if you'd like it. All i know is the name.


    • Virginia Allain profile imageAUTHOR

      Virginia Allain 

      11 months ago from Central Florida

      Thanks! I'll add that in.

    • profile image

      Doug Campbell 

      11 months ago

      I have an old photo of letter carriers. The studio is listed as Baugh Studio, Independence, Ks.

    • Miebakagh57 profile image

      Miebakagh Fiberesima 

      13 months ago from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA.

      Hello, Virginia, this is a serious study and my pleasure in reading the story. Thanks for sharing.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      18 months ago from UK

      In the digital age it is easy to forget that there was once a time when photographic studios were more prolific. Looking back through family articles the oldest are the ones taken in studios.


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