100 Preppy Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Updated on January 20, 2019

1800s Upper Middle Class Baby with Her Nanny

Middle and upper class children of the 1800s were expected to have traditional English names
Middle and upper class children of the 1800s were expected to have traditional English names
A preppy baby of the Victorian era.100 Preppy Baby Names for Girls and Boys.
A preppy baby of the Victorian era.100 Preppy Baby Names for Girls and Boys.

Take a look at our 100 preppy baby names for girls and boys, and see if you can find a name that will suit your beautiful future child.

Future parents often choose preppy first names for their children because they are usually old-fashioned, and denote class and sophistication.

Most of these names are from the Anglo-Saxon tradition and are reminiscent of our founding fathers and well as the gilded age upper class. Middle and upper class children in the 1800s were expected to have traditional English names such as the ones you see in these lists. Many families carry on this tradition today.

Consider also the Anglo-Saxon tradition of referring to your child by both first and middle names together instead of noting your child's middle name with just an initial.

This two-name tradition was common especially for boys. For example, instead of Dudley E. Smith, Dudley Ellsworth Smith. You would use this naming convention in all school records, hospital records, family albums, etc.

And in that case you can choose two preppy baby names! The two-name convention is as common as upper class babies having their parents buy them a silver spoon.

Another style the upper class sometimes adopts for naming their children is choosing earthy baby names that are inspired by the beauty of nature and environmentalism.

Preppy baby names are inspired by many sources. Some babies are named after their ancestors; others are named after English writers, politicians, and historical figures.

Wealthy Baby Names of the 1800s

Preppy Girl Names

Many of these female names pay homage to Western European heritage. So if your ethnic background is English, French, or Nordic, you might find a particular fondness for these names. Other names in this list simply sound quite conservative, which tends to appeal to people with old-fashioned values. You might find a desired first or middle name in this list!

  1. Abigail

  2. Agnes

  3. August

  4. Bailey

  5. Beatrice

  6. Blair

  7. Candace

  8. Caroline

  9. Campbell

  10. Catherine

  11. Chloe

  12. Claire

  13. Corinne

  14. Dagny

  15. Dale

  16. Edith

  17. Elizabeth

  18. Emma

  19. Fern

  20. Grace

  21. Hadley

  22. Happy

  23. Hyacinth

  24. Ingrid

  25. Jensen

  26. Lark

  27. Libby

  28. Mabel

  29. Madeline

  30. Marigold

  31. Marilyn

  32. Marley

  33. Meredith

  34. Morgan

  35. Olivia

  36. Patience

  37. Peyton

  38. Phoebe

  39. Poppy

  40. Prudence

  41. Quinn

  42. Sara

  43. Sheridan

  44. Sydney

  45. Valentina

  46. Victoria

  47. Wellesley

  48. Whitley

  49. Wilhemina

  50. Wren

Preppy Boy Names

There are so many great preppy male names and chances are you might love more than one of them. Most of these boys' names are Anglo-oriented and will remind you of English aristocracy, wealth, and presidents and authors of America's past. If you can totally imagine your baby boy in a little gentleman's wool three-piece suit or tartan plaid, you will love these names.

  1. Abbot

  2. Aldridge

  3. Arthur

  4. Asher

  5. Averell

  6. Baron

  7. Barrett

  8. Baxter

  9. Blake

  10. Blaine

  11. Bradford

  12. Bradley

  13. Calloway

  14. Chadwick

  15. Chandler

  16. Charles

  17. Chase

  18. Chauncey

  19. Chip

  20. Christian

  21. Churchill

  22. Clarendon

  23. Cole

  24. Cooper

  25. Edward

  26. Ellsworth

  27. Filmore

  28. Harrison

  29. Lance

  30. Marlow

  31. Marshall

  32. Mason

  33. Maxwell

  34. Oscar

  35. Percy

  36. Phillip

  37. Pierce

  38. Prescott

  39. Pryce

  40. Radcliff

  41. Roosevelt

  42. Schuyler

  43. Spencer

  44. Tad

  45. Thornton

  46. Weber

  47. Webster

  48. William

  49. Winslow

  50. Winthrop

Upper Class 1800s Husband and Wife Stroll with Their Baby

1800s painting of a wealthy husband and wife walking in a park with their baby.
1800s painting of a wealthy husband and wife walking in a park with their baby.

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Questions & Answers

  • Is a name like "Luke" preppy?

    I would not say it is traditionally preppy sounding, but it is a classic American boy's name.


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  • Life and Luxury profile imageAUTHOR

    Life and Luxury 

    7 years ago from South Beach, FL

    Thanks ElleBee. As long as your baby has a name that you like, that's all that matters.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I like a lot of old fashioned baby names, but never really specifically thought of them as preppy. I'm not sure if their "preppy" association makes me like the names more or like them less.


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