Astronomy-Inspired Baby Names

Updated on June 3, 2019
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Marianne is a British writer and researcher who has always been fascinated by names and where they come from.

If you are a fan of the stars, space, moons or celestial objects, get inspiration for baby names from astronomy.

Here is a list of baby names inspired by the heavens, dawn, actual stars and the moon, as well as a list of famous astronomy-related people.

Heavenly Skies

These baby names are all inspired by the skies or heavens in some way.

  • Alya: This short Arabic girls' name means "sky."
  • Anan: an old Hebrew boys' name that means "cloud."
  • Araceli: a pretty Spanish name meaning "altar of the sky."
  • Astrid: a Scandinavian name that means "divinely beautiful."
  • Celeste: a French girls' name which means "heavenly."
  • Celine: This French girls' name is devised from a Roman family name meaning "heaven."
  • Helios: Greek god of the sun.
  • Kalani: Hawaiian for "the heavens."
  • Lani: another Hawaiian name meaning "heaven."
  • Mega: a Unisex Indonesian name that means "cloud."
  • Sky: from the English word sky.

This group of sky-related names refers particularly to breaking daylight.

  • Aurora: This is the name of the ancient Roman goddess of dawn. Aurora borealis is also the official name for the Northern Lights. This name has sharply risen in popularity in recent years.
  • Dawn: from the English word for the first sunrise each day.
  • Roxanne/Roxana: This name means "bright sky" and is derived from the Greek.
  • Alba: an Italian and Spanish word for "dawn."
  • Zora: a Slavic word for "dawn." This name is rarely used in the English-speaking world.

Names Meaning "Star"

These baby names all have meanings related to stars.

  • Aster: This unisex name comes from the Greek for "star."
  • Danica: a Slavic name that means "morning star."
  • Estelle: an old French name meaning "star."
  • Estella: another version of Estelle.
  • Esther: a biblical name that means "star."
  • Nova: In astronomy, this describes the appearance of a bright star that fades over a few months. Nova has increased dramatically in popularity as a baby girls' name in recent years. It is sometimes also used for boys.
  • Seren: Welsh for "star."
  • Star/Starr: From the English word star, this name is rarely used. A variant is Starla, which was in the top 1000 names in the United States in the 1960s and some of the 1970s.
  • Stella: the Latin word for "star."

Naming Your Baby After a Star

Here are some suggestions if you want to name your baby after a star.


  • Leo: This popular name for baby boys comes from the Latin for "lion."
  • Orion: a hunter in Greek mythology.
  • Draco: an Ancient Greek word for "dragon" or "serpent."
  • Castor: one of the stars in the constellation Gemini.
  • Crux: means "the most important point at issue."
  • Auriga: Latin for "charioteer."
  • Aquila: the Ancient Roman word for "eagle."
  • Suhail: an Arabic and Persian name that means "level."


  • Lyra: one of the brightest stars in the sky. The lyra is a string instrument belonging to the Greek God Orpheus. The name means "the talons" (of the swooping eagle).
  • Ursa: This cute, short girls' name means "bear."
  • Carina: From the Latin meaning "beloved," this is also the name of the second brightest star in the sky.
  • Cassiopeia: An adventurous name choice, Cassiopeia is the name of a character in Ancient Greek mythology.
  • Vega: means "swooping eagle."
  • Andromeda: another name from ancient Greek mythology.

Moon-Inspired Names

These names are all inspired by the moon or are the names of one of the moons of various planets in the solar system.

Baby Girls' Names

  • Ayla: means "halo around the moon" in Turkish.
  • Callisto: a moon of Jupiter. Kallisto was a nymph turned into a she-bear who became the great bear constellation. Her name means "most beautiful."
  • Diana: the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting and childbirth.
  • Dione: a moon of Saturn, named after the Greek goddess.
  • Luna: the Latin name for the moon. Also the Roman goddess of the moon.
  • Nix: the name of a satellite of Pluto. This would be a spunky name for a baby girl, and it means "night." The satellite was named after a Greek goddess of the night named Nyx.
  • Pandora: a moon of Saturn. In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman. She was given a box containing the world‘s troubles which she was not to open; however, being curious, she opened it.
  • Phoebe: a moon of Saturn. Phoebe means "bright" or "pure." The goddess Phoebe is associated with the moon.
  • Rhea: the name of one of the moons of Saturn. A goddess in Greek mythology and the mother of Zeus.
  • Selene: the Greek goddess of the moon.

Baby Boys' Names

  • Ariel: one of the moons of Uranus.
  • Charon: means "fierce brightness." In Greek mythology, Charon was the operator of the ferry taking the dead into hell.
  • Deimos: moon of Mars. This name means "terror." In mythology, he was the son of a Greek god.
  • Hydra: water serpent, moon of Pluto and a constellation.
  • Hyperion: a titan who presided over sun and light. Father of sun goddess Helios, moon goddess Selene, and dawn goddess Eos.
  • Iapetus: another moon of Saturn. The name of a titan in Greek mythology. The meaning is "to wound."

Famous Space Baby Names

Another option is to name your baby after someone famous associated with space. Here are some examples of astronomers and astronauts.

Famous Astronomers

Claudius Ptolemy (A.D. 90–168): ancient astronomer.

Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543): worked out that the Earth goes round the sun.

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630): produced a famous work on planetary motion.

Galileo Galilei (1564–1642): is often credited as the father of modern astronomy and scientific method. Observed evidence to back up the view that the Earth goes round the sun.

Isaac Newton (1643-1723): As well as discovering gravity and coming up with laws of motion, Newton also invented the reflecting telescope.

Caroline Herschel (1750-1848): Thought to be the first woman to receive a salary as a scientist, Caroline worked on astronomy with her brother, William. She discovered several comets.

Mary Somerville (1780-1872): the first woman to be a member of the Royal Astromical Society alongside Caroline Hershel.

Henrietta Swann Leavitt (1868-1921): She catalogued many stars, discovering the relationship between luminosity and stars that allowed Edwin Hubble to prove the universe is expanding.

Edmond Halley (1656–1742): described the orbit of several comets, discovering Halley's comet.

Famous Astronauts

Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968): First man in space.

Neil Armstrong(1930 - 2012): First man on the moon.

Buzz Aldrin (1930- ) Second man on the moon.

Valentina Tereshkova (1937- ): First woman in space.

Sally Ride (1951-2012): Third woman and first American woman in space.


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