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Beyond Daisy and Lily: 51 Garden-Inspired Names for Baby Girls

I find tranquility digging in the soil, planting flowers, shrubs and trees. Gardening has become my inspiration for finding unique names.

The name Freesia connotes a sweet, friendly, and playful nature.

The name Freesia connotes a sweet, friendly, and playful nature.

A Moniker From Mother Nature

Toiling outside in our gardens is life-affirming for many of us with some even considering it a spiritual experience. It’s a time of peace, quiet, and solitude when we feel close to the earth, to nature, and to a Higher Being. As such, our gardens are the ideal places to find inspiration for extraordinary baby names.

When a daughter has a moniker inspired by Mother Nature, she's a reminder of the boundless beauty that surrounds us when we just pause to appreciate it. Her name can help us be more mindful about the wonders of the world at stressful times when we’re overwhelmed with day-to-day parenting duties, whether it’s diapering a baby, helping a school-aged child with math homework, or arguing with a hormonal teen about dating. Bestowing a girl with a name that comes from the garden is a way to honor the natural world in all its spectacular glory.

Names That Come From Flowers

Moms and dads have long found inspiration from flowers when naming their daughters, whether it’s Violet, Daisy, Lily, Iris, or Rose. These monikers can indicate a parent’s desire for their girl to be delicate, pure, and pretty. Yet, moving away from these more traditional names, we can discover plenty of flowers that connote strength, individuality, and determination.


Freesia is a native from South Africa. Its friendly, brightly-colored blooms make it one of the most popular cut flowers in the world. It puts a smile on people’s faces, lasts long in a vase, and gives off a delightful scent. A girl called Freesia is bold, playful, and approachable.


Dahlia is a daring name that suggests fierceness and resiliency. This national flower of Mexico is a real fighter: the more it gets cut, the more it blooms! While it can look quite formal in a bouquet, it grew wild on the hillsides in parts of Mexico during the 16th century.


Like other rare names that start with Z, Zinnia is funky, fun, and eccentric. One solitary flower grows on its long, upright stem. A girl with this moniker would be a courageous individual, not afraid to stand alone and be herself.

Calla (Lily)

While some may argue that Lily has reached the saturation point, Calla offers a fresh take. Like her namesake flower, a girl with this moniker is exuberant, down-to-earth, and low maintenance. She brightens up her surroundings and sparks joy.


Many of us recall the scene in Wizard of Oz when Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinsman fall asleep in a field of poppies. Because these flowers flourish in the wild, a girl named Poppy is often seen as a free spirit: adventurous, untamed, and headstrong.



A girl named Poppy is seen as wild and free like a field of these flowers.

A girl named Poppy is seen as wild and free like a field of these flowers.

More Flower-Inspired Names




Holly (hock)









Names That Come From Shrubs

Flowers are known for their ethereal, fleeting beauty while shrubs are hardier and more enduring. As such, a name inspired by a shrub represents sturdiness, might, and tenacity. Unlike traditional flower names, they’re rare, grab attention, and have impact.


A Hawthorn shrub is a living contradiction: prickly with sharp, thorny branches as well as dainty with small, delicate blooms. This juxtaposition makes it a highly desirable unisex name for parents who wish to celebrate their child as a complex, multifaceted individual.


When in full bloom during the spring, this flowering shrub looks absolutely spectacular. A girl with the name Azalea represents the promise of the season: new life, new hope, and new beginnings.


Spirea is a popular flowering shrub that comes in many varieties and is known for its hardiness. Its most impressive feature is the cheerful tight clusters of tiny flowers that adorn it. A girl named Spirea represents the spirit of this plant: sturdy, reliable, joyful, and easy-going.


Abelia is an evergreen shrub that stands out with its eye-catching tubular flowers that bloom for months on end. Not only do they give off a sweet fragrance, these blossoms attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and insect pollinators. A girl named Abelia would be life-affirming, generous, and welcoming.


A Camellia is a flowering evergreen. It's highly functional with its leaves being used for tea and its seeds being used for oil in cooking and cosmetics. A girl called Camellia is graced with a utilitarian moniker like her namesake, a lovely and sophisticated one that will serve her well from infancy to adulthood.

The name Hawthorn is like the shrub itself: an amalgamation of toughness and daintiness.

The name Hawthorn is like the shrub itself: an amalgamation of toughness and daintiness.

More Shrub-Inspired Names



(Mountain) Laurel


Carolina (Allspice)








Tree-Inspired Names

There are few things in this world as awe-inspiring as trees. They’re majestic and powerful. They give us shade and comfort on a hot day, wood to build homes and furniture, and fruit and nuts for our sustenance. They supply oxygen for our very survival and provide homes for birds and squirrels. A girl named for a tree represents dignity, confidence, and strength.


For parents who want a meaningful name for their baby girl, the rowan provides one. In Norse mythology, it’s the tree from which the first woman was created. In Celtic mythology, it’s the Tree of Life and represents bravery, wisdom, and security. Rowan, therefore, is a strong moniker with depth and substance.


Many people, especially women, find spiritual inspiration from the willow with its branches that bend but don’t break. This glorious tree teaches them about the value of being flexible, embracing their journey in life rather than fighting against it.


The showy cassia is the national tree of Thailand. It’s a real standout with dazzling yellow flowers that hang from its branches in long, cascading clusters. A girl given the name Cassia personifies warmth, positivity, and enthusiasm.


The aspen tree is known for its distinctive round leaves that tremble in the breeze, making a mesmerizing rustling noise. In the fall, their vibrant yellow leaves put on quite a show. A girl named Aspen would make people stop and pay attention with her soft-spoken grace and dignity.


Kauris are massive coniferous trees in New Zealand. They grow straight and tall and have king-sized trunks. Tourists to this island nation love to visit the largest ones and take selfies dwarfed by them. A girl named Kauri would be like her namesake tree: impressive and grand.

More Tree-Inspired Names








Tilia (Cordata)





In Norse mythology, the rowan is the tree from which the first woman was made.

In Norse mythology, the rowan is the tree from which the first woman was made.

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