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Baby Names Inspired by the Colour Red

Marianne is a British writer and researcher who has always been fascinated by names and where they come from.


Expecting a baby with red hair, or just a fan of red? Red can be the colour of love and passion, or in more muted forms the colour of the earth and the colour of many flowers and gemstones. Here are some red inspired baby names to give you some ideas.


Vibrant Red Baby Names


A fruity girl's name after the delicious red fruit.


This name has become popular in recent years. The name was originally a surname for the occupation of selling scarlet, a bright medieval cloth. Nowadays it is closely associated with the bright red scarlet colour.

This name has become very popular for girls in recent years.

Famous Scarletts:

  • Scarlett O'Hara, in the novel Gone with the Wind (1936)
  • The actress Scarlett Johansson


This beautiful sounding Hungarian girls name is a form of Priscilla but also based on piros, the Hungarian word for red. The s is pronounced with a 'sh' sound so in English it would be spelt like Piroshka. It is the Hungarian name for Little Red Riding Hood.


After the red poppy flower, in recent years Poppy is a popular name especially in England where it is in the top twenty.


This simple but classic name is inspired by the flower. As well as Rose itself you could choose one of many Rose themed names, for example Rosa, Rosie, Rosalind or Rosalie.


Rowan is a unisex name used for boys and girls. It derives from an Irish name for red or from the red berried rowan tree.


The classic girls name Ruby comes from the precious gemstone. The gemstones name is based on rubens a Latin word meaning red.


Red Baby Boy Names

These names are perfect for a baby boy with red hair, or any baby boy. Not surprisingly a lot of these names are Celtic, particular Irish as these populations have the greatest percentage of people with red hair. About 1 in 10 Irish people have red hair.


Clancy comes from an Irish surname that means red warrior.


An Irish name being ruddy or red haired.


This name is derived from the Irish surname meaning son of Flann.


Flynn was also originally an anglicized version of a surname meaning son of Flann. In recent years Flynn has been used as a baby boys name in English speaking countries.


Rory is the English version of the Celtic Ruaridh or Ruaidhrí which means red king. In the United Kingdom this is a boy's name.

Over in the USA Rory is a popular name for girls, possibly as a short form of Aurora or Lorelai.


From the Scottish Gaelic word for red, Roy is a baby boy's name that is due to come back into fashion. Rob Roy Macgregor (1671 - 1734) was a famous Scottish folk hero.


Rufus means red haired in Latin. It's an old-fashioned name that was used as far back as Roman names and there are various Saint Rufuses.


This comes from an English surname that means red haired or little red one. The name was commonly used in many English speaking countries in the twentieth century but has fallen out of fashion in recent decades.


Red Haired Baby Girl Names


Auburn refers to that beautiful shade of reddish brown hair. Weirdly the word auburn derives from the French alborne which means blond.


This is a feminised version of the Irish Flann.


Sometimes used in reference to the hair colour or the spice, Ginger is also a nickname for Virginia. If you like Ginger but want something a little less obvious then you could consider Ginny, Gina or Jinnie.


Rooney is an Irish surname meaning red champion, but is gaining some popularity as a girls name after the actress Rooney Mara.


A female version of the latin Rufus which means red haired. This is a rarely used name.


Earthy Red Baby Names

Here are some names that make you think of that earthy red.


The first man on Earth. This name means from the earth and may be dervived from the Hebrew for 'to be red'.


Aruna means 'reddish brown, dawn' in Sanskrit. In Hinduism Aruna is the name of a sun god. Aruna is now used mostly for girls, and Arun being the modern version for boys.


From the English surname which means town of clay.


This is a biblical name that means rust. Helah was the wife of Asher.


From the English word describing something that is rusty or a nickname for Russell.


Also spelt Siena.

Sienna is a pigment that becomes reddish brown when burnt. The name comes from the city of Siena where the clay was coloured siena. This name has increased in popularity in recent years, popularised by the likes of the actress Sienna Miller.

Shades of Red


This girls name means whitish red in Arabic or colour of Earth


A girls name inspired by the precious dark red stone. Garnet can also be found used as a boy's name probably from the surname that originally meant a person who made hinges.


This name comes from the colour pink. Its more often a nickname than an actual name. The famous singer Pink's real name is Alecia.


This name means lotus flower or pale red in Sanskrit. With the new vice president of the United States Kamala Harris in post perhaps this will become more popular.


Coral is an orange pink colour, as well as the name of the coral species that live in the sea. This is an old fashioned girls name that was most popular in the United States in the late nineteenth century,


This Hebrew girls name means rose and pink.


The dark red purple colour of wine from Burgundy in France.

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