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100+ Disney-Inspired Baby Girl Names

Abigail is a wife, mama, Oregonian, coffee lover, chronic illness warrior, and entrepreneur.

The world of Disney offers hundreds of strong, beautiful names for women. Find inspiration for your baby girl's name in this list!

The world of Disney offers hundreds of strong, beautiful names for women. Find inspiration for your baby girl's name in this list!

Selecting the perfect name for your precious baby girl is no small task. Luckily, there is no shortage of baby name suggestion websites. But what about baby girl names for the ultimate Disney fan families? Here are some timeless, Disney-inspired name suggestions that your little girl will be proud of her whole life.

Disney Princess Names

These are the 12 official Disney princesses listed in chronological order of their movie releases. This list may change as new princesses are added for future movies!

Popularity data comes from the U.S. Social Security Administration. "Unranked" means the name wasn't one of the 1,000 most popular names in that year.

NameMovieU.S. Popularity Rank in 2018Meaning

Snow White

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937)


"White as snow"


"Cinderella" (1950)


"Little ashes"


"Sleeping Beauty" (1959)




"The Little Mermaid" (1989)


"Lioness of God"


"Beauty and the Beast" (1991)




"Aladdin" (1992)




"Pocahontas" (1995)


"Playful one"


"Mulan" (1998)


"Magnolia blossom" or "wood orchid"


"The Princess and the Frog" (2009)




"Tangled" (2010)


"Lamb's lettuce"


"Brave" (2012)


"One who has achieved honor"


"Moana" (2016)



Disney Leading Lady Names

While the following leading ladies aren't official Disney princesses, they certainly deserve to be! These names are perfect just as they are and require no variations in spelling. The characters are all associated with bravery, honor, and kindness. Each name on this list has a beautiful meaning any little girl could be proud of.

Popularity data comes from the U.S. Social Security Administration. "Unranked" means the name wasn't one of the 1,000 most popular names in that year.

NameMovieU.S. Popularity Rank in 2018Meaning


"Alice in Wonderland" (1951)


"Noble and kind"


"Frozen" (2013)




"Frozen" (2013)


"God is my oath"


"Tarzan" (1999)


"God is gracious"

Princess names aren't the only options! Explore more names from famous (and not-so-famous) female characters in Disney.

Princess names aren't the only options! Explore more names from famous (and not-so-famous) female characters in Disney.

Unusual Disney Names

If those names are just too obvious for you, or if you're looking for something more unique, check out these unusual Disney names:

With one of these names, your little girl is sure to stand out! Popularity data comes from the U.S. Social Security Administration. "Unranked" means the name wasn't one of the 1,000 most popular names in that year.

NameMovieU.S. Popularity Rank in 2018Meaning


"The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1996)




"Bambi" (1942)




"Sleeping Beauty" (1959)




"Lion King II" (1998)


"Gift from God"


"Robin Hood" (1973)


"Lady of the sea"


"Lion King" (1994)


"Water in the desert"

*Flora is not only a character in Sleeping Beauty, but also the name of Walt Disney's mother. Extra credit!

More Female Names From the World of Disney

If those names don't strike your fancy, here are some beautiful little girl names inspired by female Disney characters. Some names are plays on existing spellings of Disney names, while others are more obscure characters from the movies and shows. Below, we'll take a look at how each name is connected to Disney, as well as the meanings of the names.

Names Starting With A

  • Abigail: Abigail Gabble is one of the geese in The Aristocats. The name means "father's joy." On a fun side note, this is also the name of Walt Disney's great-niece!
  • Adelaide: This name also comes from The Aristocats; Madame Adelaide is the owner of the main feline character, Duchess. Adelaide means "noble."
  • Adeline: The Penguins nature documentary inspired this name's inclusion on the list: Adeline is one of the Adélie penguins in the film. Similar to Adelaide, Adeline means "noble."
  • Adella: In The Little Mermaid, Adella is one of Ariel's many sisters with A-names. This pretty name shares its roots with Adelaide and Adeline and also means "noble."
  • Amber: Sofia the First is an animated series on Disney Junior, and Crown Princess Amber is the older sister of the titular Sofia. This name refers to a honey-yellow color, and it can also mean "jewel."
  • Amelia: Another name from The Aristocats, Amelia is the twin sister of Abigail Gabble. Amelia is also the full name of Mia from The Princess Diaries. This is a name with industrious roots, and it means "work."
  • Anastasia: In Disney lore, this name is associated with Cinderella: Anastasia is one of the stepsisters (the redheaded one). Though the character is an antagonist in the first film, she becomes kinder and more compassionate in Cinderella II and III. The name means "resurrection."
  • Annabeth: Annabeth Chase is a character in the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series, which Disney is developing for TV. It means "full of grace" or "God is my oath."
  • Arabella: Arabella is a character in Disney's Descendants universe who appears in the books. She's the niece of Ariel. The name means "given to prayer," "golden mouth," or even "beautiful lion," depending on which roots you consider.
  • Ariella: This is a different twist on the name Ariel ("lioness of God"). There's also a character named Ariella in Disney's old animated TV series Fillmore!.
In "Beauty and the Beast," the book-loving Belle dreams of experiencing a wider world. The name Belle means "beauty."

In "Beauty and the Beast," the book-loving Belle dreams of experiencing a wider world. The name Belle means "beauty."

B–C Names

  • Bailey: The Disney Channel series The Suite Life on Deck features a character named Bailey Pickett. Since this is a unisex name, you may know it better from the male beluga whale Bailey in Finding Dory. Bailey means "bailiff" and has some other associated meanings, like "berry clearing."
  • Bella: This is another take on the name Belle, which means "beauty." There was also a puppy character named Bella in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Bianca: Bianca—or Miss Bianca—is one of the main characters in The Rescuers. The name means "white."
  • Calliope: Calliope is one of the Muses in Greek mythology—and in the film Hercules. This name means "beautiful voice," which is fitting since Calliope was the Muse of epic poetry.
  • Camilla: Disney has owned the Muppets since 2004, and the beguiling chicken Camilla is Gonzo's love interest. This Italian name means "acolyte."
  • Caroline: Caroline (or Carolyn) was the name of the cute, long-necked cow in the old black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons. This name is a feminine form of Charles and carries the lovely meaning "free woman."
  • Charlotte: In The Princess and the Frog, Charlotte is Tiana's best friend. This name also shares roots with the name Charles and means "free" or sometimes "petite."
  • Claire: Claire is one of Gonzo's neighbors in the Muppet Christmas special Letters to Santa. It's also a different form of Clara (see below). This name means "clear," sometimes interpreted as "bright" or "enlightened."
  • Clara: This name is famous from The Nutcracker, including Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms film. Like Claire, it means "clear" or "bright."
  • Colette: Colette is one of Lady and the Tramp's daughters from the sequel film Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure. There's also a chef named Colette in Ratatouille. The name has the proud meaning of "victory of the people."

D–F Names

  • Daisy: This name has a well-known Disney inspiration: Daisy Duck. The name refers to the daisy flower and comes from an Old English word meaning "day's eye," which is a reference to how the flower's yellow center evokes the sun.
  • Danielle: Danielle is another one of Lady and the Tramp's daughters in the sequel movie. The meaning of this Hebrew name is "God is my judge."
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth Swann is one of the main characters in the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The name Elsa is a shorter version of Elizabeth, and they share the same meaning of "God is my oath."
  • Ella: In the live-action Cinderella movie, the main character goes by the name Ella. This name has a variety of possible meanings, depending on which roots you look at and which other names you relate it to (it can be short for Elizabeth, Eleanor, Helen, and many more names). A few of the meanings include "goddess," "other," and "fairy maiden."
  • Emery: This is another unisex name, and Emery is one of the trains on the Disney Junior show Chuggington. It means "ruler" or "ruler of work."
  • Emma: The TV show Once Upon a Time features a character named Emma Swan, who is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. There's also an Emma in the Disney Channel series Jessie. Emma means "universal."
  • Esme: Esme is the short form of Esmerelda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), which means "emerald."
  • Evangelina: This is a variation on Evangeline, which is the name that Ray the firefly gives to the Evening Star in The Princess and the Frog. The name means "good news."
  • Eve: In WALL-E, EVE is the high-tech robot with whom WALL-E falls in love. As a robot's name, EVE means "Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator," but as a human name, Eve means "life" or "living."
  • Finley: This name is related to the name Finn (see below), and it's also the name of the loyal flying monkey in the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. This unisex name means "fair warrior" or "fair hero."
  • Finn: You probably know the name Finn from the heroic former Storm Trooper in the Star Wars movies, which have been owned by Disney since 2012. This name works as a girls' name, too, and it means "fair."
The name Giselle means "bright pledge." In "Enchanted," Giselle tries to stay positive and upbeat as she adjusts to the real world.

The name Giselle means "bright pledge." In "Enchanted," Giselle tries to stay positive and upbeat as she adjusts to the real world.

G–I Names

  • Georgette: Georgette is the poodle in Oliver & Company who memorably sings "Perfect Isn't Easy." This name is the feminine form of George and means "farmer."
  • Gianna: This Italian name has a similar sound to Tiana and Anna, and it means "God is gracious."
  • Giselle: In Enchanted, Giselle is an animated princess who is transported to the live-action world of New York. Giselle means "bright pledge."
  • Grace: The movie Home on the Range featured a cheerful, optimistic cow named Grace. As you might expect, this name means "gracious."
  • Gracielle: This name is related to the name Grace and shares the meaning of "gracious" (or simply "grace").
  • Harmony: Sing Me a Story With Belle is an old children's TV show from the Disney Channel. Harmony was a yellow cat who helped Belle run her bookstore on the show. The name simply means "harmony," sometimes interpreted as "unity" or "concord."
  • Hazel: Witch Hazel is the cute and mischievous good witch occasionally seen in old Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse cartoons. The name means "hazel," referring to both the tree and the color.
  • Hyacinth: Hyacinth Hippo is one of the most memorable parts of Fantasia, where she dances in a filmy tutu during the "Dance of the Hours" segment. This name refers to the flower and also means "purple."
  • Iris: The goddess Iris also appears in Fantasia, albeit briefly; she creates a rainbow across the sky during the "Pastoral Symphony." The name means "rainbow."
  • Isabel: Princess Isabel is the younger sister of Princess Elena on Elena of Avalor. This is another name that shares its roots with Elizabeth, and it means "God is my oath."

J–K Names

  • Jade: In Sofia the First, Jade is one of Sofia's close friends. This name refers to the pale green gemstone, and it also has the interesting meaning of "stone of the colic." This is because jade stones were thought to help cure colic in the past.
  • Jesse: Jesse is a ram character in Zootopia. This unisex name means "gift." With a different spelling, there's also Jessie from the Toy Story movies and the titular character from the Disney Channel show Jessie.
  • Jessica: This name is related to Jesse and Jessie, which are sometimes used as nicknames for Jessica. It's also the name of the iconic animated character Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It means "gift" or "God beholds."
  • Judy: Judy Hopps is an upbeat rabbit who's the main character in Zootopia. An alternative form (or nickname) of Judith, this name means "woman from Judaea."
  • June: June Duck is one of Daisy Duck's three little nieces; she's the one who typically wears purple in House of Mouse. The name June refers to the month, but it can also mean "young" or "youthful."
  • Katrina: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (originally released as one half of the two-part film The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) features the character Katrina van Tassel. Ichabod Crane falls in love with the beautiful and wealthy Katrina. This name means "pure."
  • Kim: Kim Possible is the crime-fighting teenage heroine of the namesake Kim Possible series. Kim's full name is Kimberly, which carries the complex meaning "from the meadow of the royal fortress." It may also mean "ruler."
  • Kimber: Like Kim, this is another nickname or diminutive for Kimberly, and it has the same meaning.
  • Kimberly: And this is the full name from which Kim and Kimber are derived! As mentioned above, it means "from the meadow of the royal fortress" or a related interpretation like "woodland clearing of the royal fortress." Another meaning is "ruler."
  • Kit: This unisex Disney name comes from the TV series TaleSpin, where Kit Cloudkicker is the young bear who serves as navigator for Baloo. For women, it's usually a nickname for names like Katherine (meaning "pure") and Kathleen ("pure little one").

Names Starting With L

  • Lana: In The Princess Diaries, Lana is a cheerleader and a classmate of the main character. Though the Lana in the film is a bully, this is a lovely name with a variety of positive meanings. As a nickname for Svetlana, it means "light." Lana is also a Hawaiian name that means "calm as still waters."
  • Laila: This is an alternate spelling of Leila (see below) and Layla. In the Disney movie Sky High, Layla is one of the superhero teens. Regardless of the spelling, this name means "night" or "dark," and it's a particularly suitable choice if your baby girl is born at night.
  • Laurel: The name Laurel is used in Pixar's fantasy movie Onward; Laurel Lightfoot is the mother of the two brothers who set off on a quest. This name refers to the laurel tree (also known as the bay laurel). Laurel leaves symbolize victory or triumph.
  • Leah: Leah is the name of Princess Aurora's mother in the animated Sleeping Beauty film. This name has some unusual meanings: From the Hebrew, it means "weary" or "wild cow." Its Gaelic roots give it the meaning "light of the sun."
  • Leila: Although the queen started out with the name Leah in Sleeping Beauty, she was renamed Leila in the live-action Maleficent movie. As mentioned above, Leila means "night" or "dark."
  • Lily: There are a number of characters named Lily or Lilly in the world of Disney. Examples include Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, Lilly Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries, and Lily the witch in Sofia the First. This name refers to the flower, which tends to symbolize purity and rebirth.
  • Lizzie: Lizzie is a character in Cars. She's a Ford Model-T, which used to be called a "tin Lizzie"—hence the character's name! This is another short form of Elizabeth with the meaning "God is my oath."
The name Merida means "one who has achieved honor," which is fitting for the courageous heroine of "Brave."

The name Merida means "one who has achieved honor," which is fitting for the courageous heroine of "Brave."

Names Starting With M

  • Madeline: Madellaine is a peasant who befriends Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, and Madeline is a more common spelling of this name. It means "of Magdala," which is a reference to an ancient city in Israel.
  • Madison: This is the name the mermaid character chooses for herself in the movie Splash, which was made by Disney-owned Touchstone Pictures. (She gets the idea from a Madison Avenue street sign.) We can credit Splash for the popularity of this name for girls; it used to be more common as a boys' name, which explains why it has the male-oriented meaning "son of Matthew"!
  • Mae: Mae is used as a middle name for at least two Disney characters: Celia Mae from Monsters, Inc. and Ellie Mae from The Rescuers. It's also an alternate spelling of May, which is the name of one of Daisy Duck's nieces (May is the one who wears orange in House of Mouse). The name refers to the month of May and can also mean "flower" or "mother."
  • Mary: One of the most famous Disney characters is the magical nanny Mary Poppins. There are also Marys in Cinderella, Hocus Pocus, Peter Pan, The Muppets, and WALL-E. This name has similar roots to Marian and may mean "lady of the sea," "a drop of the sea," "bitter," or "beloved."
  • Meg: This is the nickname of Megara from Hercules. Meg is more typically a nickname for Megan or Margaret today, and it means "pearl."
  • Melinda: In Fantasia, Melinda is the blue female centaur seen in the "Pastoral Symphony" section. The first half of this name means "dark" or "honey," and the second half means "gentle" or "beautiful."
  • Meri: This is a short version of the name Merida from Brave, which means "one who has achieved honor."
  • Mia: The main character in The Princess Diaries is named Mia, though we later learn that her full name is Amelia Mignonette. Mia means "mine" or "bitter" (the latter due to its connections to Mary and Marian).
  • Mindy: Mindy is one of the characters working for the TV network in Bolt. This name is also a common nickname for Melinda, and it shares that name's meanings like "honey," "gentle," and "beautiful."
  • Miranda: This is another name used in Sofia the First, where Queen Miranda is Sofia's mother. There was also a Disney Channel TV show in the '90s called Bonkers that featured a character named Miranda Wright. The name means "worthy of admiration."
  • Morgan: Morgan is a fairytale-loving girl in the movie Enchanted. This unisex name means "sea protector" or "sailor."

N–P Names

  • Narissa: Another Enchanted name, Narissa is the evil queen who tries to thwart Giselle by sending her to New York. Narissa is thought to come from the Greek language and means "sea nymph."
  • Natalie: When Disney remade Pete's Dragon as a live-action film in 2016, it renamed the character Nora to Natalie. This name has connections to Christmas and means "birthday of the Lord."
  • Nicole: A character on Phineas and Ferb has the longer version of this name, Nicolette. There are also some minor characters who use the common nicknames Nikki or Nicki in various Disney shows and films, like That's So Raven and The Parent Trap II. Nicole means "victory of the people."
  • Nina: Two Disney Junior shows have characters named Nina: Imagination Movers and Nina Needs to Go!. The name Nina exists in tons of different languages, and its many meanings include "grace," "mother," "strong," "flower," "little girl," and "friend."
  • Oakleigh: This is a female version of the male name Oaken from Frozen. Since "oak" refers to the tree and "leigh" means "meadow," this name can be interpreted as "from the meadow of oak trees."
  • Olive: Olive Oyl appeared in Disney's live-action Popeye movie from 1980. As you might expect, this name means "olive tree."
  • Olivia: In The Great Mouse Detective, Olivia Flaversham is Basil's young client who is trying to find her kidnapped father. This name also means "olive tree."
  • Orchid: A minor character named Orchid appears in the series Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero. The name Orchid refers to the orchid flower.
  • Pearl: Perhaps the best-known—and certainly most adorable—Pearl in the world of Disney is the little pink octopus from Finding Nemo. This is another name with an obvious meaning: It means "pearl," referring to the gemstone.
  • Penny: There are a bunch of Pennies in Disney. Bolt and The Rescuers both include lead characters named Penny, and Penny is also one of the puppies in One Hundred and One Dalmatians. It's a nickname for Penelope, which means "weaver."
The 8-year-old Princess Sofia is wise beyond her years in "Sofia the First." In fact, the meaning of her name is "wisdom."

The 8-year-old Princess Sofia is wise beyond her years in "Sofia the First." In fact, the meaning of her name is "wisdom."

R–S Names

  • Rachel: One of the characters in the "Rhapsody in Blue" part of Fantasia 2000 is named Rachel. The name means "ewe" or "lamb."
  • Robin: The titular character in Robin Hood is male, but Robin is a unisex name. This name means "bright fame."
  • Rose: Briar Rose is another name for Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, and Rose Tico is part of the Resistance in the Star Wars movies. Like many other names that come from the natural world, the name Rose refers to the flower.
  • Ruby: In Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, Ruby is one of the canine characters. There's also a Ruby in Sofia the First, which features several characters with gem-themed names. The name Ruby refers to the gemstone and also means "red."
  • Sarah: Take your pick: There's Aunt Sarah in Lady and the Tramp, Sarah Hawkins in Treasure Planet, and the dramatic Sarah Sanderson in Hocus Pocus. The name means "princess" or "joy."
  • Savannah: In Zootopia, Savanna Central is a place, not a person; it's the main plaza of the city. (Of course, The Lion King also takes place in a savannah!) The name refers to a grassy, open plain.
  • Scarlette: This is a more unusual spelling of Scarlet or Scarlett. The Disney series Star Darlings features a character named Scarlet, and a redheaded Scarlett also appears in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This name means "red."
  • Sofia: This is the name of the young princess in the show Sofia the First. Sofia means "wisdom."
  • Sophie: Sophia is an alternate spelling of Sofia, and Sophie is a nickname for it. Like Sofia, the name Sophie means "wisdom."
  • Stella: The beignet-loving basset hound in The Princess and the Frog is named Stella. This name has Latin and Italian roots and means "star."
The name Willow is a reference to the lovely tree. Grandma Willow in "Pocahontas" is known for her sage advice.

The name Willow is a reference to the lovely tree. Grandma Willow in "Pocahontas" is known for her sage advice.

T–Z Names

  • Talia: The TV series LoliRock, which originally aired on the Disney Channel France, includes a character named Talia in its magical rock band. The name means "dew of heaven." It's also related to the Greek name Thalia (see below).
  • Tatiana: There's a meerkat named Tatiana in the TV series Timon & Pumbaa. You might also consider this name if you like the sound of Tiana but want something longer. The meaning of Tatiana is unclear; it was originally a Roman clan name.
  • Thalia: Thalia is the name of one of the Muses, and she appears in animated form in Hercules. As a Muse, Thalia presided over comedy. This name means "to bloom" or "to flourish."
  • Vanessa: When Ursula disguises herself as a human in The Little Mermaid, she calls herself Vanessa. This name was actually created in the 1700s by the author Jonathan Swift. It was inspired by the name Esther, which means "star."
  • Wendy: Wendy Darling is one of the lead characters in Peter Pan. This name has unclear origins; it may come from the name Wenda, which means "to wander," or from the name Gwendolyn, meaning "fair-browed."
  • Willow: Grandmother Willow is the talking tree who offers guidance to Pocahontas. There's also a character named Willow in the TV series Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. This name refers to the willow tree.
  • Winnie: There's Winnie the Pooh, of course, and also Winifred "Winnie" Sanderson in Hocus Pocus. The female elephant in The Jungle Book is also named Winifred. Winnie can be a nickname for several other names, too, such as Gwendolyn and Wynne. Because of that, its various meanings include "friend of peace," "fair and pure," and "happiness."
  • Zoe: The Disney film The Pacifier has a teenage character named Zoe, and the related name Zooey is used for one of the princesses in Sofia the First. Both spellings of this name mean "life."
Did you find the right name for your future heroine?

Did you find the right name for your future heroine?

Need More Name Ideas?

If you didn't find the right name yet, or you want to keep looking before you make a decision, there are hundreds of other names that share characteristics with these Disney names. You might consider some magical-sounding girls' names or other names that are unusual and uncommon. If you like the sound of nature-inspired names like Laurel and Olive, check out some other ideas for earthy baby names.

Congratulations on your baby girl, and best wishes on finding the perfect name!