Baby Girl Names Inspired by Video Games

Updated on June 20, 2019
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Heather has a passion for writing and drawing, and maybe a slight addiction to anime and video games.


Looking For Inspiration?

If you're a lover of video games and expecting a little girl, you're probably looking for something that's unique but maybe not too weird. Or maybe you like weird? Either way, here's a list of my favorites that will hopefully spark some nostalgia.


Inspired by Final Fantasy VII, Aeris is a beautiful young flower girl who tragically dies. Her character is very free spirited and inspiring.


Known in the world of Azeroth as the Queen of Dragons, Alexstrasza holds many roles in the many different expansions of World of Warcraft.


Leader of the Deadlock Gang, Ashe is a fancy newer character in Overwatch. She has a fiery personality that matches her weapons choice of bombs and a rifle.



Known as a Berserk Healer in Sword Art Online, Asuna is a playful and cute character with a brave personality.


Another Overwatch character addition, Brigitte is a defensive healer who fights with her chain and shield.


An adorable character from Tales of Symphonia, Colette is the chosen one destined to go on a journey to become an angel and therefor saving the world of Sylvarant. Her sweet and kind personality is very fitting for an angel.


Daena is a warrior from the Temple of Hope in Gato, another location in Legend of Mana. Her goal is to protect and save the priestess, who is aging rapidly towards death due to a magical curse placed on her. Daena is a young soul, who learns many life lessons from the struggles of her friends.



Daisy is Princess of Sarasaland in the Mario franchise. A cute and popular side character!


Elle is the name of a Siren, also from Legend of Mana. You find her in the bird cage at the beach, where she has chosen to lock herself in after a tragic accident in which her singing caused a ship to sink. The soldiers begin looking for her, and a remorseful Elle decides it's safer for her and others to remain where she is despite your attempt to rescue her.


Freya is a Dragon Knight from Final Fantasy IX. She is a kind and humble character, in search of her lost love.


A beloved mage in the game World of Warcraft, Jaina Proudmoore is the former leader of the Kirin Tor and port city of Theramore.


One of the seven Princesses of the Heart from Kingdom Hearts. She is a good friend of Sora, the main character. The name itself is just adorable. The characters personality only makes it more adorable.



From the popular Tomb Raider franchise, Lara Croft is one tough chick that everyone loves.


From Legend of Dragoon, Miranda is one of the Sacred Sisters of the continent Mille Seseau. She takes over the place of Shana in the party, when her Dragoon Spirit rejects her and turns to Miranda instead. She is a fierce but good lady.


The Cerulean City Gym Leader from the Pokemon Series! Adorable and sassy, this name is cute for little ones and classy enough for an adult.


Another popular character from the Mario franchise, Princess Peach is princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is a main character although much of the games are usually spent searching for her.


From a very old game called Legend of Mana, Pearl is a sweet, passive girl, part of the race known as the Jumi. She is a guardian to her knight, Elazul, and seems to have a tendency to wander off on her own deep in thought. This infuriates Elazul and leaves him asking for your help on numerous occasions.



An elven professor from Tales of Symphonia. Her personality is very motherly to her younger brother and allies and her intelligence and magic proves incredibly useful throughout their journey.


A persistent young lady from Final Fantasy VIII. Rinoa is determined to help people and gets caught up in a conflict much larger than she ever imagined.


Inspired by Legend of Dragoon, Rose is a Dragoon Knight who has endured the ages in order to continuously complete her mission in order to protect the world from evil. She is the strong silent type, with great kindness hidden underneath. Although the times have seemed to harden her, her allies remind her of her true self.


Originating from the Pokemon Series, the Saffron City Gym Leader has a very serious tone. However the name Sabrina is quite playful and elegant.


Saria is an adorable character from Zelda: Ocarina of Time who resides as Sage in Kokiri Forest.



Sonya Blade is a tough chick, and a competitor in the Mortal Kombat series. A popular character for years, this character portrays a fierce personality fighting for good.


Tifa Lockhart is fierce fighter from Final Fantasy VII. It sounds a lot like the name Tiffany that was once very popular, making it sound like a unique twist to those who have no clue what Final Fantasy is.


A character in Final Fantasy X and the main character of Final Fantasy X-2. Yuna is a summoner with a kind and caring personality who's sometimes so kind that she's naive to the true nature of others.


Of course then there's Zelda herself, reoccurring in many of the Zelda series games. She is a good natured princess who needs Link to help her save the realm!

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