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30 March Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Kathryn Lamoreux is a college composition instructor. She loves to read and has always been fascinated by the fabulous diversity of names.

30 name ideas for babies born in the month of March

30 name ideas for babies born in the month of March

15 Names for Girls Born in March

Following is a list of 15 names for baby girls born in the month of March.

1. Bridget

An Anglicized version of the quintessential Gaelic name "Brighid," meaning "strength or exalted one," Bridget is the name of Ireland's most well-known female saint. The patroness of scholars, poets, and healers, Bridget is also (along with St. Patrick) a patron saint of Ireland.

Perhaps related to St. Bridget are the three aspects of the goddess Brigid in Irish myth: Brigid the poet, Brigid the healer, and Brigid the smith. Perhaps the most well-known modern Bridget is Bridget Jones of rom-com fame. Popular nicknames for Bridget include Brie and Bridie.

2. Clover

A name that evokes both the greens of a new spring and the lucky Irish four-leafed clover, Clover is a fresh alternative to more traditional floral names like Lily and Rose. Clover is the name of Roald Dahl's granddaughter, as well as the middle name of Tony Hawk's daughter.

3. Erin

The poetic name for Ireland, Erin is a pretty yet unfussy choice for a girl born in March. Erin is the name of football player Terry Bradshaw's daughter as well as Ellie Kemper's perky character Erin Hannon on The Office.

4. Esther

A name with strong biblical heritage, Esther means "star," just like the currently popular Stella and the more exotic Astraea. In the Old Testament, Esther was the Jewish wife of a Persian king who heroically saved her people from annihilation.

The Jewish holiday of Purim, generally celebrated in the month of March, celebrates this victory. Literary Esthers include Charles Dickens' heroine in Bleak House and Sylvia Plath's autobiographical protagonist in The Bell Jar. More recently, Ewan McGregor chose the name for his daughter, and Madonna adopted Esther as her Kaballah name.

5. Felicia

A lovely Latin name meaning "lucky," Felicia evokes the spirit of St. Patrick's Day without the obvious Irish associations of other names on this list. Felicia is the name of actress and nerd icon Felicia Day, as well as British poet Felicia Hemens. In Marvel comics, Felicia Hardy is the name of Spider-Man's super-powered antagonist-cum-ally Black Cat.

6. Ireland

It doesn't get more obviously Irish than this. Ireland is the name of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin's daughter, and it immediately calls to mind images of the Emerald Isle.

7. Marina

A beautiful name meaning "from the sea," Marina is an appropriate choice for a child born under the sign of Pisces, or more generally in the month of March, whose birthstone is aquamarine. Marina is also an alternate name for the goddess Venus, who was famously born from the sea foam.

A name with Shakespearean and royal pedigree, Marina was used as the name of the princess in the play Pericles, and it has also been the name of Greek, Danish, and Russian princesses. More recently, Friends actor Matt LeBlanc named his daughter Marina Pearl.

8. Molly

A cheerful, classic, unpretentious name, Molly is a variation on the biblical name Mary. The name has Irish associations and is featured in the song "Sweet Molly Malone," as well as James Joyce's Ulysses.

American connections to the name include the Revolutionary War heroine Molly Pitcher, Little Richard hit "Good Golly, Miss Molly," and iconic 80's actress Molly Ringwald. Harry Potter fans will know it as the name of the indomitable matriarch Molly Weasley.

9. Joyce

The surname of the celebrated Irish novelist James Joyce, Joyce means "merry, joyous." It is the first name of psychologist Joyce Brothers, novelist Joyce Carol Oates, and Joyce Summers—Buffy's mother in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

10. Nora

Originally short for Honora ("woman of honor") or Eleanora ("light"), Nora (or Norah) is often used on its own as a given name today. A classic Irish name, Nora is the name of Henrik Ibsen's heroine in A Doll's House, as well as writer Nora Ephron and singer Norah Jones (who, incidentally, was born on March 30).

11. River

No name list for the month of Pisces would be complete without a few names inspired by the water. Although River has been the name of some well-known men, including River Phoenix, it is slightly more common among women today. Famous Rivers include Doctor Who's River Song and Firefly's River Tam, and singer Kelly Clarkson named her daughter River, too.

12. Ruth

Born on March 15, 1933, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, otherwise known as the Notorious RBG, has spent her career fighting for gender equality and civil rights, most famously as the second female justice to serve on the Supreme Court.

In the Bible, Ruth was the faithful daughter-in-law of Naomi. She is one of two or three women (depending on how you count) to have a book of the Bible named after her. (The other, Esther, appears on this list as well, and some Christians also accept the Book of Judith as canon.)

Ruth means "compassionate friend," and it was the name of President Grover Cleveland's daughter who inspired the name of the candy bar Baby Ruth.

13. Saoirse

Pronounced "SEER-sha," Saoirse is best known as the name of actress Saoirse Ronan, best known for her roles in Atonement, The Lovely Bones, and Lady Bird. The name means "liberty," and it first became popular with Irish parents during the Irish War of Independence.

Although certainly hard for many Americans to pronounce, the name has experienced a precipitous rise in popularity, especially among parents of Irish heritage, in recent years.

14. Shannon

One of the earliest Irish names to become popular in the United States, Shannon is the name of an Irish river, county, and airport.

Famous Shannons include Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller and actress Shannon Elizabeth. The name means "old and wise."

15. Willow

A tree commonly associated with the month of March and the sign of Pisces, the Willow tree is both beautiful and adaptable. It bends to the wind and the forces of nature but seldom ever breaks.

Famous Willows include Buffy the Vampire Slayer's friend Willow Rosenberg, Hunger Games actress Willow Shields, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter Willow.

What should you name your baby boy born in March?

What should you name your baby boy born in March?

15 Names for Boys Born in March

Following is a list of 15 names for baby boys born in the month of March.

1. Aidan

Originally a nickname for Aodh (pronounced "ee"), the name of the Celtic god of the sun and fire, Aidan means "little and fiery," making it an adorable choice for a little boy. Aidan has been the name of several Irish saints; the actors Aidan Quinn, Aidan Gillen, and Aidan Turner; and even a brooding vampire on Syfy's Being Human.

2. Brian

An Irish name meaning "strong, virtuous, and honorable," Brian has long been popular in the United States. It was the name of the tenth-century Irish warrior king Brian Boru, as well as a host of modern figures, including football player Brian Piccolo, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell, and Queen guitarist Brian May.

In fiction, Brian is the name of Brian Cohen in Monty Python's Life of Brian and Brian the dog on Family Guy. It is also one of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore's several given names.

3. Chance

A name that evokes both luck and risk, Chance was the name chosen by actress Rachel Weisz and director Darren Aronofsky for their son. Perhaps the most well-known Chance today is Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper.

4. Connor

A popular Irish name meaning "lover of hounds," Connor is perfect for a baby boy born into a dog-loving family. Connor was the name of a legendary Irish King, as well as the immortal Connor McLeod in the movie Highlander. Connor is also the name of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's son, and of the son of vampires Angel and Darla on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

5. Finn

An Irish name fit for a boy born under Pisces, the sign of the fish, Finn means "fair and white." It is the name of the mythological Irish hero Finn MacCool, as well as the rebel stormtrooper played by John Boyega in the new Star Wars films.

Other notable Finns include Finn Hudson from Glee and Finn Jones, the actor who plays Netflix's Iron Fist and Game of Thrones' Ser Loras Tyrell. Names that can be shortened to Finn include Finnegan, Fingal, Finnian, and Finley.

6. Kai

A recently trendy name, Kai means "sea" in Hawaiian, "forgiveness" in Japanese, "willow tree" in Navajo, and "food" in Maori. These connections to island cultures, the sea, and willow trees make it a wonderful choice for a Pisces boy.

Famous Kais include the young protagonist in Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen and radiojournalist Kai Ryssdal. For parents not quite bold enough to choose Kai as a first name, it can make a simple yet powerful middle.

7. Liam

A shortened form of William, which means "resolute protection," Liam has been extremely popular in recent years. It is the name of Irish actor Liam Neeson, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, and One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne.

It is the birth name of Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and is a name that numerous celebrities—including Kevin Costner, Craig Ferguson, Calista Flockhart, Rod Stewart, and Tori Spelling—have chosen for their sons.

8. Marcus

A Latin name meaning "warlike," Marcus has an etymology closely related to the month of March. Both are named for the Roman god of war. A popular name since antiquity, Marcus has been the name of famous people ranging from Marcus Aurelius, Mark Antony, and Cicero to Marcus Garvey, Marc Anthony, and Marcus Allen.

The related Mark was one of the four biblical evangelists and has been born by celebrities ranging from Mark Twain to Mark Wahlberg. Other Mars-inspired possibilities include Marius and Mario, familiar from the novel and musical Les Miserables and Nintendo video games respectively. Any of these would make strong choices for a March baby.

9. Oscar

The name of Irish novelist, poet, and playwright Oscar Wilde, Oscar has several meanings, including "divine spear," "deer friend," and "champion warrior." In Irish myth, Oscar was the grandson of Finn MacCool and a formidable warrior himself.

Other famous Oscars include composer Oscar Hammerstein, fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch, and the Academy Awards' golden statuette. Oscar is currently the number one name in Sweden and the number ten name in the UK.

10. Patrick

A name meaning "noble," Patrick is, of course, the name of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland whose holiday is celebrated on March 17. Other notable Patricks include the American patriot Patrick Henry, basketball player Patrick Henry, and the legendary British actor Patrick Stewart.

Fictional Patricks range from Patrick Bateman in American Psycho to Patrick the starfish in Spongebob Squarepants. Variations include the Gaelic Padraig, which Patrick Ewing used for his son; the Italian Patrizio; and the Spanish Patricio. Paddy and Pat are both popular nicknames.

11. Reed

A simple, sleek English name meaning "red-haired," Reed calls to mind the marshland seagrass that bears the name and is therefore an appropriate name for a boy born under the sign of Pisces.

With its connection to woodwind instruments, Reed could also be an appropriate choice for a boy born into a musical family. Well-known Reeds include the genius scientist and Fantastic Four member Reed Richards, as well as Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix.

12. Sean

An Irish variation on John, meaning "God is gracious," Sean is a classic choice for boys born to Irish-American parents. Famous Seans include John Lennon's son Sean, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, and Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean.

13. Seamus

Pronounced "SHAY-mus," Seamus is the Irish version of the classic James, meaning "supplanter." Famous Seamuses include the Nobel Prize winning Irish poet Seamus Heaney, Irish footballers Seamus Brennan and Seamus Keogh, and Harry Potter's friend and roommate Seamus Finnegan. An easy, popular nickname is Shay.

14. Vincent

Born on March 30, 1853, "Starry Night" painter Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most famous and influential painters of all time. His name is Latin for "conquering" and has also been the name of actors Vincent Price and Vincent D'Onofrio.

Nicknames include Vince, as used by the actor Vince Vaughn and country singer Vince Gill; Vinny/Vinnie, as seen in the movie My Cousin Vinny and John Travolta's Vinnie Barbarino; and even Vin, as used by Vin Diesel.

15. William

Perhaps a controversial name for this list, William has associations with Northern Ireland and the claims of Protestant King William of Orange to sovereignty over Great Britain and Ireland. William is also a name associated with March through British abolitionist William Wilburforce, who was instrumental in passing the Slave Trade Act of March 25, 1807, which abolished the slave trade in the British Empire.

Additionally, American playwright Tennessee Williams was born on March 26, 1911. Other famous Williams include four US presidents, four British kings, the current Duke of Cambridge, Bill Murray, Billy Crystal, Billy Joel, and Bill Gates. Nicknames for William are numerous, including Bill, Billy, Will, Willie, and Liam, another name included on this list.


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