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Popular African Names for Baby Girls

From Aicha to Zendaya, consider this list of names from various African countries.

From Aicha to Zendaya, consider this list of names from various African countries.

The Meaning of a Name

One of the most important details to think about as an expectant parent is what to name your soon-to-be bundle of joy. For some people, any name will do, but for others—such as you, dear reader—a name holds quite some weight. You would like to choose carefully and give your child a name that has significance and meaning.

What is in a name, other than just being the combination of several alphabet letters or other symbols?

A name is more than an identifier of a person or object. It holds reverence and meaning, even more so in many African cultures. In some cultures, names are believed to influence the character of a person or their personality. So, in coming up with a name for your young one, it is important to take your time to choose a befitting name.

If you are expecting a precious baby girl and would like to give her a name that is just as beautiful as the splendid continent of Africa, below are some girls' names from around the motherland.

  • Aicha
  • Amaka
  • Atong
  • Ayaan
  • Effia
  • Folake
  • Furaha
  • Heloisa
  • Kave
  • Lerato
  • Lindiwe
  • Namazzi
  • Naserian
  • Zendaya
Some cultures believe that a person's name influences their character and personality.

Some cultures believe that a person's name influences their character and personality.


Aicha is a girls' name originating from Morocco. It's the Moroccan for Aisha, which is the name of Prophet Mohammed's most favorite wife.


The name Amaka is a popular girls' name that originated from Nigeria. It means "precious." The name is given to female children by the Ibo ethnic group in Nigeria.

On its own, it can be taken to mean pretty, good or beautiful. However, it is usually the short form of various names such as (but not limited to):

  • Nduamaka, which means “life is good/beautiful”
  • Nneamaka, which means “mother is good/beautiful”
  • Nwamaka, which means “a child is a good thing”
  • Ukamaka, which means “it is good to talk/discuss”
  • Uzoamaka, which means “good way/road”


The name originates from the Dinka, Nuer and Shilluk (Chollo) ethnic groups that are found in Southern Sudan/Sudan.

Among the Sudanese, names may be chosen to reflect the circumstances of the child's birth. The name Atong is given to reflect that one was born during a time of war.


The name Ayaan originates from the Horn of Africa, also known as Somalia. The name is from the Somali community and is a popular girls' name that means "good luck."

If your daughter is born on a Friday, the name Effia might be a good choice!

If your daughter is born on a Friday, the name Effia might be a good choice!


Effia is girls' name originating from Ghana. The name is usually given to a girl born on Friday.


The name Folake is a popular girls' name that originates from Nigeria and in particular the Yoruba ethnic group. The precious-sounding name means “taken care with wealth or look after with wealth."


The name Furaha is a girls' name that can be found in various Swahili-speaking regions of the continent. The name literally means "joy, happiness" in Swahili.


The name Heloisa comes from East Africa and in particular Ethiopia. It is considered as a strong and powerful baby girl name and means "famous warrior."

It is a common Ethiopian name that is believed to have French and German origins.


The name Kave is a baby girls' name originating from West Africa—in particular, from the Wolof ethnic group, which is found around the regions of Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania.

The name Kave means "high up or above it all."

The name Lerato means "love."

The name Lerato means "love."


Lerato is a name from the southern part of Africa and in particular the Sotho community. The name is a sweet-sounding name that means “love” and is pronounced [LE-raa-too].


Lindiwe is a baby girls' name among the isiZulu ethnic group. Translated, it means "We have waited," and it's often given to a baby girl who comes after a long line of boys.


The name Namazzi is a baby girls' name from the Pearl of Africa, which is also known as Uganda. The name is a lovely and melodic name meaning "water." This name represents calmness and serenity and is very suitable for naming your little angel.


This name belongs to the Maasai Community, which is found in Kenya and Tanzania. The name can be loosely translated to mean “the peaceful one.” Usually, this name is given to one who is considered to love and initiate peace among the community.


The name Zendaya originates from southern Africa and in particular Zimbabwe. It is a name taken from the Bantu language spoken in Zimbabwe and means "to give thanks."

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Isibane Bergen from Western North Carolina on October 21, 2020:

Those are beautiful names, and the meanings are lovely! My son married a beautiful girl from Africa and they plan to start a family soon. I wonder what kind of unique names they will think of.