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Precious Autumn-Inspired Baby Names for Girls and Boys

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Great Names for Your Fall Season Baby

Naming your baby is an important event. First names, or given names, are central to identity and self-concept. Autumn babies grow up to enjoy fall birthdays. Let's explore boys, girls, and gender-neutral names inspired by autumn/fall.

Harvest Season Names for Girls

Fall is known as the season of harvest. It's a time when farmers and gardeners pick their crops. It's when we celebrate Thanksgiving, the equinox, and take time to appreciate what life has given us. Having an autumn baby is certainly a reason to give thanks. Here are some baby names inspired by the season of harvest.

  • Autumn - According to Natalie Wolchover of Live Science, autumn is probably the youngest of the four seasons. Harvest was the older name for the time of year where trees lose their leaves to prepare for slumber. Even though we appreciate the season of Harvest, we now call it Autumn.
  • Cherish - The root of this precious name stems from cheriss—from Old French. Today it means to treasure something you care deeply about, like your new baby.
  • Emma - Originating from the Germanic language, this is a very popular name that means whole. It has a few other meanings, but in regards to fall, this is a great name that represents the totality of thanks. Whole regards everything from planting the seed to reaping the rewards, and how the cycle continues. What a beautiful name for your new addition.
  • Nadia - Represents, and translates, to 'hope'. Autumn brings hope just as much now as it did for the pilgrims who attended the first Thanksgiving. Autumn is a time we love to spend with friends and family. Together we hope for a better future, making this the perfect fall baby name.
  • Amelia - Meaning 'work', this is a feminine name perfect for the season of harvest. Much like today's farmers, this is the time of year when pilgrims would see the result of the hard work they put in all year.
  • Evie - According to Huggies, Evie is a variation of Evelyn or Ava which means life. Making it a fantastic name for the new life you bring in to a colorful world.
  • Macy - The etymology of this word runs deep. It relates to the fall more recently for those in the United States. Macy is a fun name derived from the famous Macy's Day Parade held every year in Manhattan, New York City.
  • Tess - Tess literally means 'harvest', making it a wonderful name for the season of harvest.
  • Grace - This precious name stems from a Latin word meaning pleasing or thankful, and later an English word meaning 'grateful'. Themodern-dayy meaning is 'elegance or blessed'. All meanings relate to the values we cherish during out Autumn holidays.
  • Nan - Short for the more traditional Nannette, the name Nan is a Hebrew word that means Grace.
  • Shakira - No, I'm not talking about the famous music artist from Columbia, although she is lovely. Her name means 'thankful'.
  • Ida - Incredibly popular in Norse countries, this name is gaining popularity in the U.K. and gaining traction in the U.S. What makes it a great autumn baby name is that it means 'action'. To have a bountiful harvest, the pilgrims had to learn to take action and work together.
  • Gwyneth - This mystic name dates back to an old Arthurian legend about a wizard, a bunch of knights, and their round table. A mysterious woman with this Welsh name, meaning 'happiness or blessed', was said to be the wife Merlin. The greatest wizard of all time. Between its meaning, and Halloween, this is an elegant name for your baby girl.
  • Tabitha - In some circumstances, Tabitha is another name we often associate with Halloween. This is mostly because of a TV witch who had the name. However, I would also interpret a possible meaning to be 'reborn' or 'revived'. This is often how we feel when the colors start to change during Autumn.
Naming an autumn baby can be a joy.

Naming an autumn baby can be a joy.

Autumn Nature Names for Girls

Autumn is a time for celebration, and to reflect on hard work we have invested into the year. Yet for many, it's a sign to prepare for hardship due to cold hard winters. Deciduous trees put on one last dazzling show before yielding to winter. It's a time of change, and a new baby is the most wonderful of autumn life changes. Here are some precious names inspired by nature in the fall.

  • Raine - It isn't so much the meaning of this name which makes it a popular autumn name. It means 'queen'. That's nice, but many parents like this name because if its more literal translation to the wet stuff that falls from the sky. The only thing more beautiful than a soft, cool rain on a fall day is your precious new baby.
  • Aster - An aster is sweet-smelling flower that blooms in both summer and fall. They come in lots of shades, including pink, purple, and red. It's a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl born this season.
  • Viola - This is another name that is on this list because it's a lovely fall flower, not because of its meaning. Even though you would think they are all purple, some are pink and even white.
  • Susan - Sticking with the flower theme, another pretty flower name is Susan. It's derived from the Black-eyed Susan. It has bright yellow petals and a dark brown or black center. These resilient flowers are now naturalized in many placed around the world.
  • Honey - While some beekeepers harvest in the spring, many harvest in the fall. Honey is a sweet name for a little girl, so feminine and elegant.
  • Belle - Traditionally belle means 'beautiful'. The modern definition is a woman who is singled out for being more attractive. In one instance a famous WWII plane was named the Memphis Belle. Fall is the most beautiful time of year, and your baby is beautiful, too.
  • Serein - The relationship this name has with autumn is in the root Seri-. It means calm. The vibrant colors of fall, cool weather, and startling sunsets create a sense of calm. That makes this a great name for a baby born during this season.
  • Luna - Luna means 'moon'. There are many full moons through the year, but there is a special full moon in autumn called the Harvest Moon. Close to the equinox, it is a sign that the days are about to get shorter, and a signal to farmers to harvest their crop. That is what makes it such a great fall baby name.
  • Pepper - I am including this name on the list because pepper plants can be as colorful as the leaves on the trees. Some are sweet, some are spicy, but none as perfect as your bundle of joy.
  • Misty - Misty is defined as a light fog. Although this happens throughout the year, it is especially beautiful on a crisp fall night, and a beautiful name for a baby girl born in autumn.
  • Terra - This name has deep historical roots in Greek and Roman mythology, and is the Latin word for mother Earth. What better time to be thankful for our planet then when she puts on the most dazzling show.
  • Llana - A Hebrew name meaning 'tree'. Trees drop their leaves. This is a good name for the season.
  • Daliah - Daliah was a moon goddess. Like Luna, the moon played an important role in telling our ancestors when to plow their fields.
  • Silvia - This name means 'sprite of the wood'. When the leaves turn bright orange, red, yellow, and every color in between it is almost as if magical woodland sprites are painting the world. This beautiful name is perfect for a beautiful baby girl born in autumn.

Fall Color Names for Girls

When nature puts a dazzling show during autumn, the world feels vibrant. The colors create an awe and excitement that we feel until the last leaves drop. The change of colors is inspiring, and many parents name their children by the inspiration of the colors of fall. Here are some colorful names for fall babies.

  • Aurelia - This is such a beautiful name that it won't surprise you that it means 'golden'. This relates to autumn colors and the look of a brightly colored forest during sunset and sundown. Gold is a treasure, and so is the new life you bring into the world.
  • Ruby - Even though rubies are the birthstone of July, it's a dark red stone. When you shine light through a polished ruby it has almost prismatic qualities. The brilliance of this stone and the color red (a fall color) is why this name is on the list.
  • Aubry - This is an Old English name that roughly translates to an elf ruler with great wisdom. Of all of the values we treasure during the Thanksgiving season, wisdom is penultimate only to giving thanks.
  • Brandy - Like the other names in this section, this name is inspirational because of the color. Bandy a color used for paint, textiles, and in art. It's a lovely brownish-red, the color we see closer to the end of fall.
  • Harmony - What better time than autumn to reflect on the idea of harmony. The modern-day definition is a peaceful agreement between different ideas within a whole. This is the time of year where we stop to think about how we wish the world to be a harmonious place for everyone to live. During the fall, all of the colors exist in harmony, just as we should do with each other.
  • Scarlet - Another color inspired name, scarlet is a deep red and girls baby name.
  • Clara - This name is recently popularized by a character in the new Dr.Who. It means 'bright and clear'. This is a feeling induced by the many shades we see through the season, and how they help us think with a positive, clear attitude.
  • Henna - Henna is a dye that comes in shades of pink and read. Often used to dye hair, or in tattoos, they are the colors we see before the forest slumbers.
  • Iris - A colorful flower meaning 'rainbow', this is a great fall name. Leaves from different trees turn all kinds of colors and gives us the same warm feeling as a rainbow.
  • Elenore - This name means 'shining light'. Wavelengths of light reflect the colors that we see. Elenore represents that special thing about a person that others can't get enough of. Like the old The Turtles song 'Elenore' says, "You're my pride and joy", and so is your new baby.
  • Cera - 'Fiery ones' is the meaning of this enchanting name. Autumn is a time where we feel the fire burn within us, and attempt to share it with others. It's also a strong name for a little girl born in today's world.
  • Ginger - Fall is the harvest season for this spice. The name means 'chase' or 'pure'. Ginger is native to all of eastern U.S., Canada, and in many Asian countries. The Native Americans and pilgrims harvested the plant for food and medicinal reasons and used it as an important export.
  • Melena - This name means 'yellow as a canary'. Malena is a feminine name inspired by the many shades of yellow that we see during the process of leaf color change.
Autumn baby names remind us to be thankful for our blessings.

Autumn baby names remind us to be thankful for our blessings.

Harvest Season Names for Boys

Little boys born during the season of harvest are a joy. By the time they are one, they will enjoy birthdays marveling at all of the brilliant colors. Parents are often inspired to name their baby's after the season they are born in. Autumn is an incredible time to welcome a new person into the world. Here are some boys names inspired by the fall.

  • Jordan - Derived from Hebrew, Jordan means to 'flow down' or 'descend'. According to Harvard Forest, leaves change color to prepare for them to fall or descend from the trees. The process allows the tree to absorb energy back to the tree to help it stay alive through the winter. Jordan as a name represents the ability to make the best of any situation.
  • Caiden - In Arabic, Kaden means friend or close companion. Dropping the K and adding a C we end up with a practical name for an autumn baby boy. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for our blessings, including our friends. Growing up with a name that means friend is surely a blessing.
  • William - This is one of the most traditional names on the list. Its meaning is 'resolute protector'. What makes this a great Autumn name is the history of the Pilgrims. William Bradford, Plymouth Colony governor, wrote a history of Plymouth called Of Plymouth Plantation. Without his works, we would not know the true meaning of giving thanks.
  • Abe - The fist thing that comes to mind when we hear this name is Honest Abe, one of the most important men in United States history. The name is a shortened version of Abraham, and means 'father of magnitude'. Our forefathers are fathers of magnitude who birthed a nation. We are reminded of this every year during Thanksgiving.
  • Casper - If you love Halloween, you might love this name. Casper the friendly ghost is one of the most famous fictional ghosts. The name means 'treasurer', which is what we are when we stop to remember to give thanks. What a great Halloween themed name.
  • Emmett - Like Emma and Harmony, this name reflects the idea of wholeness. Fall is when farmers and gardeners get to see the completion of their hard work and to reflect back over the effort made in the previous seasons. That is what makes Emmett a fitting name for babies born in autumn.
  • Felix - This a fun name that means 'happy'. That is what we feel as we watch leaves change, and observe autumn holidays. Between time with our loved ones and fantastic scenery, we feel happy in the fall. Having a name that means happy is a good start for a baby.
  • Edmund - Prosperity is one of the meanings of this classic name. This is one of the values we reinforce over Thanksgiving. Naming your little boy Edmund sets the stage for a guy who remembers to feel blessed for all of the prosperous circumstances of life.
  • Kwan - This is a unique name found through many cultures, from Irish to Chinese. It can mean 'all' and 'power'. Relating to fall, this name reminds us of the power of family. A family is something we should all be thankful to have.
  • Barrett - Meaning 'bear power', this is one of my favorite boys names. Not just because it's the name of one of my favorite video game characters, but because of the implications of its meaning. Like trees, bears will take a nap over winter and spend much of the fall preparing.
  • Ethan - Another Hebrew name, this one means 'strong and long-lived'. These are great principles to start life off with. What better time of the year to reinforce these qualities on your baby.
  • Gus - This simple yet fitting name means 'majestic'. Today's definition of majestic is 'showing impressive beauty or dignity'. These are great qualities to instill by naming your fall baby Gus.
  • Bodhi - The term Bodhi is a Buddhist concept that means 'enlightenment' or 'awakened'. These are not only great, autumn-like, values but a great name for a little boy starting his journey in the world.
  • Alder - 'Strong' and 'noble' are the two meanings that are behind the name Alder. Again, this is another name inspired by the values we reinforce during this season.

Autumn Nature Names for Boys

Being named after nature tends to give a person a special bond to their natural surroundings. Naming your baby boy after the natural world during Autumn can give your son a bold start for his future, and a love of the outdoors. Here are some great baby names for boys born in such an expressive season.

  • Forrest - This is becoming a more and more popular name for babies. It's a wonderful fall inspired name which reminds us of the great forests who provide us with oxygen. Autumn is a time when the forest is most inspiring.
  • Buck - Fall is an amazing time to observe deer. Bucks will be out with their families, strong and proud. This is a good name for parents who love the outdoors.
  • Fox - Another nature-inspired fall name that we get from the graceful fox. Although seeing a fox in the wild is rare, they are still majestic animals which remind us of how fortunate we are.
  • Flint - Flint is a kind of rock that people used to use to make fire. Our pilgrim ancestors knew all about the precious stone. It's a rugged name that you may choose for your fall baby boy.
  • Ellwood - Meaning 'wood', this Old English name is another example of how we are influenced by nature.
  • Chester - This is on the list because of the root chest-. Meaning camp, this name is on the list because it reminds us of the chestnut. Not because of its meaning.
  • Birch - This is one of the many deciduous trees whose leaves change color in the fall. The birch tree's leaves turn shades of yellow before they fall from the tree. That makes this a neat choice to name your new little man.
  • Hunter - People who love hunting, and the outdoors, love this name. Fall is an exciting time of year for people who partake in the sport. If you are one of these people, then you might love the name Hunter.
  • Chase - This name means 'hunt'. If you love nature and enjoy the sport of hunting, but don't like the name Hunter, then this might be a good choice for your new bundle of joy.
  • Cedar - This is a fun name inspired by nature. The cedar tree has leaves that turn both red and yellow during autumn and is a name many parents of fall babies choose for the fresh life they bring into the world.
  • Orion - A Greek word meaning 'hunter', this name comes from the night sky. Orion is an amazing star constellation we look up to with awe. It is always there to guide you and is a good choice for parents.
  • Leo - Anyone born in late August or early September has the star sign, Leo. That makes it fitting for a fall baby. Leo also reminds us of the lion. Choosing this name reinforces strength in your little one.
  • Nash - This is a name inspired by nature because Nash means 'at the ash tree'. This is a versatile tree because its leaves can turn many shades, including purple, yellow, red, and orange. The contrast can be breathtaking.

Fall Color Names for Boys

The colors of fall are a great source of baby names for boys born in the fall. Names are a major step in developing individuality. Names give people a sense of identity, and begins the self-concept known as "me". Here are some strong boys names for babies born in the fall.

  • Hugh - Meaning 'mind' and 'spirit', this name also sounds like Hue. The definition of hue is shade or color. This name sports both virtue and is a practical reminder of the colors of Autumn.
  • Blaze - The meaning of Blaze is not well known. However, in the modern world, it reminds us of a brilliant orange and red fire. It is a strong masculine name great for parents of fall babies.
  • Phoenix - This name is a gem. It means 'to rise from the ashes'. It reminds us that we can overcome adversity and rise above our troubles to find greatness.
  • Ambrose - This name means immortal. Trees do not live forever, but there are some trees said to be more than 5,000 years old.
  • Jasper - A lot of people don't realize this, but Jasper is a reddish type of quartz. It may not shock you to know that the name means 'treasurer'. Both its meaning and the color inspire parents to use this fall baby name.
  • Rusty - The color of rust can appear anywhere from a burgundy red to brown, and this is why it is on the list of autumn-inspired baby names.
  • Flynn - Because this name means 'red-haired one' it makes it to the list because it reminds us of the colors we see during the process of trees losing their leaves.
  • Russell - This is another name whose meaning is 'red-haired one'. Your baby doesn't have to have red hair to have this name. Sometimes parents choose it because it reminds them of the colors of autumn.
  • Bruno - A masculine name appropriate for boys, this name means brown. After leaves fall they begin to turn brown before the earth recycles them to become nutrients for the tree who dropped them.
  • Lucien - French in origin, Lucien means 'light'. Just think of how all of the colors connect and contrast on a sunny autumn day. Your child will shine brightly with a name like this.
  • Leif - This name is a nature-inspired name because it is close to the word leaf, yet different enough to sound like a masculine boys name inspired by autumn.
  • Adam - This name is familiar and traditional. It has a few meanings and reminds of the most famous of men, but it also means 'to be red'. Fall might inspire you to give your child this wise name.
Baby boy names are fun to choose in the fall.

Baby boy names are fun to choose in the fall.

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired by the Harvest Seasonn

The culture of modern society leads to the popularization of gender-neutral names. These names can be used for boys and girls. The open-mindedness of society allows us to think more advanced terms when it comes to naming babies. Parents are no longer stuck in the idea that they must pick from a small selection of traditional names.

Here are some precious gender-neutral names for babies inspired by the season of Harvest.

  • August - For those in the U.S., August is the first month of fall. That is why it is a relevant name for a boy or girl born during the season.
  • Charlie - Meaning 'free man', I am reminded of the pilgrims who risked their lives to create a country where we can be free.
  • Jesse - This is a name for a unique person, either male or female. It's when trees begin the process of leaf color change that uniqueness is brought front and center. Just like the trees, your new baby is unique.
  • Bobbi - Meaning 'bright' or 'shining', this is a good name inspired by colorful forests during autumn.
  • Quinn - Wisdom, reason, and brains are the central meaning of this old Irish name. It's both masculine and feminine, and focuses on the core values of brave men and women.
  • Montana - Meaning 'mountainous country' this is a great fall name. Montana is a state which is absolutely beautiful during the fall. All you can see is colors galore as far as the eye can see. That's why this is an inspirational name for babies born in autumn.
  • Nico - While Nico is a name derived for the Greek goddess of victory, it is used for both boys and girls. When the pilgrims had bountiful harvests, they knew the true importance of victory.
  • Riley - I love this name for autumn babies because it means valiant. Our modern definition of valiant is 'showing courage or determination'. The harvest season was a time to push the limits to make sure there was enough food to feed everyone. It must have taken a lot of courage.
  • Dakota - If it were not for friends and family we would not be where we are today. Dakota means 'friend', inspiring parents to choose this gender-neutral name for the baby.
  • Casey - Commonly used for both boys and girls, Casey means 'vigilant' or 'watchful'. We are certainly watchful during the fall. But this gender-neutral name also reminds us to remain vigilant.
  • Oswin - This name has a beautiful meaning: divine friend. That is the sort of friend that we all wish to have and is in line with the values of Thanksgiving. For boys and girls, this is a good name to associate with autumn.
  • Shiloh - Etymology does not have a clear explanation of the deep meaning of Shiloh, but one possible meaning is 'messenger'. The process trees undergo when leaves change color is one type of message that we experience during the season of harvest.
  • Teri - Short for Teresa, much like the girls' name Tess, this gender-neutral name means harvester. How very relevant for a boy or girl born in Autumn.
  • Sameh - A part of the process of giving thanks is learning to forgive. It just so happens that this name means 'forgiver'. This Arabic name sometimes has the letter 'A' at the end. Autumn is a time that emboldens some parents to bless their child with this strong name.

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired by Nature During Autumn

In autumn we take special time to appreciate nature and fellow human beings. Nature is a great source of joy, and so is your new baby. These great gender-neutral names are for outdoors people who want to connect their new baby to nature from the start.

  • Aspen - Autumn is the perfect time to go looking for aspen trees. They are a true vision, from their glistening reds, to subtle oranges, and shocking yellows. They stimulate our brains in a special way. This is a good name for a boy or a girl.
  • Briar - While briar is interpreted in various ways, it relates to nature in one. The sweet briar rose is a type of wild rose. Its berries grow ripe in the fall and are known as hips. Bold and strong, this unisex name is superb for any baby born in autumn.
  • Lee - Meaning 'dweller near the wood', this traditional name is suitable for your child. It is the kind of name that connects us to nature, yet has that classic feel.
  • Adair - This is a classical name whose root means 'rich or happy'. A bountiful harvest must have made our ancestors feel rich and happy. That's why it belongs on this list of autumn-inspired baby games.
  • Perry - This name means 'pear tree' or 'pear'. A fruit that is harvested in the fall, you should not eat a pear right away. This is a fruit you must let ripen after picked.
  • Linden - With heart-shaped leaves, the linden tree has some of the most amazing colorful leaves. The given name Linden is inspired by those trees.
  • Berwin - The reason this is a wonderful name inspired by the harvest season is that it means 'Harvest-time friend'. Harvesting crops are no easy task, and its a great time to have friends who can help.
  • Lilo - One of our Thanksgiving day values is being a generous person. That is why this name is on the list. It means 'generous one'. It's a fitting name to reinforce the value of generosity.
  • Apple - This fruit has only been used as a name recently. If you have ever had the chance to eat an apple right of the tree, you know how wonderful they are. Their bright color reminds us of the season.
  • Keegan - A name that used to be for boys, Keegan is a great unisex name. One of its meaning is 'fire'. Fall time bonfires are soothing events, making this name fitting for babies born during the season.
  • Hart - Meaning 'bear' and 'hero', and sounding like heart, this is a nice name to reinforce Thanksgiving values year-round.
  • Zane - Another newly unisex name, Zane means 'gift from God'. It's awe-filling to witness plants grow from seed until harvest, and often seems like some kind of awesome gift. Your baby is also an awesome gift, making this a nice fall name.
  • Marley - I love this name because it means 'an animal that lives in the forest' and 'wood clearing'. Both remind us of the outdoors, making this a fantastic name for a boy or girl born in autumn.

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired by Fall Colors

Fall colors stimulate our imaginations and creativity. Babies spend much of their time becoming aware of the world around them when they aren't sleeping. Many color names that were once considered masculine or feminine are now known to be unisex. Here are some interesting gender-neutral names inspired by fall colors.

  • Rory - This non-gender specific name is Gaelic in origin, and means 'red king'. Even though 'king' is masculine in origin, this is a name commonly used by both boys and girls today.
  • Garnet - January's birthstone is the garnet. Even though the stone is of a winter month, its deep red shades remind us of the colors of fall.
  • Erin - Thanksgiving reminds us to be peaceful. That also happens to be one of the meanings of this traditional autumn-inspired boys' or girls' name.
  • Redd - The reason this name is on the list is because of its relationship to the color red. During the fall we see so many wonderful shades of red.
  • Reid - Derived from a Scottish word meaning 'red'. This is a more classical-sounding name that is inspired by the colors of fall.
  • Blaine - Meaning 'yellow', this name is often given because a child is blonde. However, this name can be given to any boy or girl. Think of all the shades of yellow we see when trees undergo the process of leaf color change.
  • Tawney - Tawney is a brownish color, which is what we witness after the leaves fall from the trees. It is also the color of many deer. That is the relationship that this name has to fall.
  • Sunny - This word means 'to be bright with sunlight'. When the forests begin to turn so many wonderful colors, we are in awe when the sun reflects such brightness onto the world.
  • Timber - Another name that reminds us of the trees, this name means 'strong wood'. As a name, it reminds us of the ways living trees express themselves through the year.
  • Auburn - A color that is reddish-brown, this non-gender specific name has expanded beyond those born with red hair. It is now a good name inspired by the colors of fall.
  • Pippin - For the purposes of this article the derived meaning we focus on is 'awe-inspiring'. Your baby is more awe-inspiring than the colors of fall, but this is still a great name for babies born this time of year.
  • Kiran - 'Ray of light' is the meaning of this name. Having a new baby makes us reflect upon ourselves the same way rays of light reflect upon the color-changed forest.
  • Sorrel - Not on the list because of its meaning, this name inspires us as a color of autumn. Sorrel is a reddish-brown that is similar to the color chestnut. That is why it's an autumn-inspired baby name.


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Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on November 14, 2018:

We lost a baby last month. She would have been born in spring. We are trying again soon so our next child will likely be born in autumn. It seems like a nice season to have a birthday because of the cool weather and the abundance of seasonal food like pumpkin and mushrooms.

I really like Tess and Misty for a girl. The latter reminds me of the anime Pokemon I used to watch when I was a kid. Montana is my mother's name, though she was born in August. I love names with different language meanings.

Thank you for this inspiring article.