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30 Baby Names Beginning With the Letter U

Marianne is a British writer and researcher who has always been fascinated by names and where they come from.

Do you want to give your baby a name that begins with U? Try one of these unusual and unique names!

Do you want to give your baby a name that begins with U? Try one of these unusual and unique names!

What Baby Names Start With U?

U is an unusual first letter for baby names in English-speaking countries. If you give your child a name that starts with a U, chances are the name will be unique amongst their classmates. In fact, 'Unique' is one of the most popular U baby girl names.

Here are 30 baby name ideas beginning with U, and (as a bonus) some baby names that begin with the “U” sound although they are spelt differently.

Baby Girl U Names

These nine names come from around the world.


Ursula has the cute meaning of "little bear." The only U baby girl name that has ever been in the top 1000 in the USA, Ursula peaked at 474 in 1967. However, it hasn't been in the top 1000 since 1983.

Some Famous Ursulas

  • Saint Ursula: A 4th century virgin martyr who was reportedly killed by the Huns in a massacre.
  • Ursula K. Le Guin (1929–2018): A very influential and well-known American fantasy and science fiction writer.
  • Ursula Buffay: A fictional character who was Phoebe's twin sister in Friends and also the series Mad About You.


Unique was the most popular baby girls' name beginning with U in the USA in 2017. It is still very rare, though, as only 115 baby girls out of the 2 million baby girls born in the USA were called Unique. So, Unique is not a unique name, but it's certainly unusual. If you haven't guessed, its meaning comes from the English word "unique."


A short and sweet name, Uma is widely used throughout the world. Uma is a name of the Hindu goddess of fertility, love, strength and power, who is more often know as Parvati. Uma also means "flax" in Sanskrit.

The actress Uma Thurman is the most famous Uma.


The name Una has two distinct meanings. Una is an Irish Gaelic name meaning "lamb," more commonly spelt Oona or Oonagh. The second meaning comes from the Latin, in which Una means "one" or "only."


After the English word "unity" which means "the state of being joined or united."


Ulani is a Hawaiian name meaning "cheerful."


Slavic version of Julia which means "youthful."


Arabic and Urdu name meaning "beautiful and bright."


German and Scandinavian name which means "power and heritage." Ulrika was the name of two queens of Sweden.

Baby Boy U Names

Here are 15 more name options starting with U, including a few alternative spellings.


This is the most popular ever U baby name in the USA. Ulysses peaked as the 276th most popular baby name for boys in 1886. The name remained in the top 1000 until 2002, and it was last briefly seen in the top 1000 in 2005.

Ulysses is a form of Odysseus, which was the name of an ancient Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War. The name’s popularity in the United States is largely due to Ulysses S. Grant. He was an American Civil War hero and President of the USA from March 4, 1869–March 4, 1877. Ulysses was also the name of a 1920 book by James Joyce, based on the Odyssey, Homer’s ancient Classic text.


An alternate spelling of Ulysses used mostly by Spanish speakers.


Currently the most popular baby boy name beginning with U in the United States. Uriel has been in top 1000 since 1985, but it peaked at 386 in 2008. This Hebrew name means "God is my light."


A Biblical Hebrew name that means "God is my light." Uriah has risen in popularity over the last decade in the United States. In 2018, it ranked at 590.


This is an alternative spelling of Uriah.


Umar is an Arabic name that means "life" or "flourishing."


This Arabic name can also be spelt Uthman. It means "the chosen one" or "baby bustard." A bustard is a type of large bird.


This Biblical Hebrew name means "God is my power."


Urban means "someone who lives in a town." Eight popes were called Urban. Urban was mostly in the top 1000 baby names in the United States until 1931 when the name left the baby name charts.


Another biblical Hebrew name that means "my power is God."


Italian and Spanish name that means "bold mind".


Italian name that means "renowned warrior."


Another Hebrew name that means "my light" or "my flame." Can also be short for Uriel or Uriah.


German name that means "noble heritage" and "powerful."


An usher is a guide who shows someone the way. This name is very much associated with the pop star Usher.

Baby Names That Begin With a “U” Sound

These names aren't spelt with a "U" at the start, but they all begin with the sound of the letter.


  • Euan, Ewen: Irish, Scottish, Welsh form of John which means "God is gracious"
  • Yule, Euell: Old English words for the winter solstice/Christmas time
  • Eugene: Popular in the 1920s, this name means "well born."
  • Eustace: A Greek name meaning "fruitful" or "stable"
  • Yuri: Nickname for George
  • Yusef: Middle Eastern form of Joseph


  • Eudora: Greek name meaning "good gift"
  • Eugenia, Eugenie: Feminine form of Eugene
  • Eulalia: A sweet-sounding name sometimes used in Spanish-speaking communities
  • Euna: Form of Una
  • Eunice: Means "good victory"
  • Euphemia: From the Greek, meaning "to speak good words"
  • Yudit: Form of Judith
  • Yuliya: Russian version of Julia
  • Yulia: Also a Russian version of Julia


Liz Westwood from UK on May 27, 2019:

I was surprised at how many names you have managed to find beginning with U.