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Unique Baby Names for Girls: Last Names as First Names

I believe that a rose by any other name actually may not smell as sweet.

Flip things around by choosing a last name as your daughter's first name!

Flip things around by choosing a last name as your daughter's first name!

Last Names Can Be Unique Baby Names for Girls

Choose a name for your baby that is uniquely theirs by combining classic elements in a style that's on-trend. Have you thought of using a last name for a strong moniker that stands out in a good way? These names are timeless and rare, without that undesirable feel of being made up.

1. Ellison

This name with English origins reflects the family lineage but is perfect for a girl born today. It lends itself well to nicknames like Elle, Ellie, and Ellis. Associate your baby girl with those bearing this surname: CEOs like Larry, Hollywood producers like Megan and David, or journalists like Grace. The name Ellison flows well with an equally elegant middle name like Abigail or something short and poetic like Rain.

2. Summers

The name Summers has western European roots and is a slightly fancier take on the traditional "Summer." A girl named Summers may be adventurous and a lover of nature. Others who already use the surname: musicians Gene and Isabella, academics Max and Robert, and various other artists and athletes. Summers pairs well with a classic middle name like Diane or Elizabeth.

Oakley is an outdoorsy name.

Oakley is an outdoorsy name.

3. Oakley

Conjuring images of steadfastness and dependability, the name is an old English nature-derived moniker that suits an outdoorsy girl well. An Oakley may be independent and fiercely loyal. The most famous owner of this name is the Wild West's Annie, but others include Medal of Honor recipient William, athletes Anthony, Charles, and David, and actresses Laura and Sundra. The name Oakley is elevated by a fashionable middle name like Olivia or Sophia.

4. Lennox

A Scottish surname also rooted in nature, Lennox joins the ranks of understated coolness with the final letter being "x". Girls with this name may be smart, focused, and creative, with a defined sense of self. In addition to being used for multiple cities across the world, the name Lennox is most recognized in association with British singer Annie. Others who bear this name are Secret Garden protagonist Mary, noblewomen Sarah and Louisa, and female basketball player Betty. Because of its gender ambiguity, Lennox can pair nicely with a more feminine middle name like Elena or Amelia.

The name Harlow has a free-spirit vibe.

The name Harlow has a free-spirit vibe.

5. Harlow

While technically a reference to a military or rocky hill, the name Harlow lends itself more to a roaring '20s Hollywood vibe. A girl with this first name may be a free spirit with an enthusiasm for life—don't expect her to follow a traditional path. Made famous by blonde bombshell Jean, Harlow is borne today by fashion models Shalom and Winnie, and it's the middle name of pioneering nurse Clara Barton. The name Harlow is fully illuminated by a similarly romantic middle name such as Celine or Francesca.

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6. Collins

Collins originally gets its roots from the name Nicholas and from a few different regions such as Greece, Ireland and Scotland. The name conveys a sense of sophistication and strong family ties. A girl with the name Collins may be an effective leader and receive the respect of her peers through her empathetic nature and sensible decision-making. Among the most famous people with the surname Collins are singer Phil and his actress daughter Lily, authors Jackie and Suzanne, and astronaut Michael. The name Collins can be complemented by a cosmopolitan middle name like Waverly or Yardly.

Greer means "guardian" or "watchful."

Greer means "guardian" or "watchful."

7. Greer

Greer is a powerful name of Scottish origin that means watchful or guardian. A Greer may be a girl who thinks before she acts and is passionate about the state of her fellow humans. She may be ambitious and not easily deterred. A girl named Greer joins the ranks of notable physicians David and Steven, philanthropist Peter, and athletes A.J. and Donovan. Greer requires a softer middle name such as Isabella or Lily.

8. Emerson

This English and German name has old, classic roots, but it's still flying under the radar right now. Emerson is dignified and sparkly at the same time. An Emerson may be beautiful inside and out, a hard worker and a good friend. She may have ideas that will change the world, and she'll be dedicated in pursuing her dreams. She'll be inspired by her namesake author Ralph Waldo, as well as suffragette Zelie and scientists Alfred and Beverly. Emerson deserves a middle name that's equally lovely like Faye or smart and capable like Kate.

Winter is a lovely, nature-inspired name.

Winter is a lovely, nature-inspired name.

9. Winter

Another name that sparks thoughts of nature, though slightly more brisk, Winter is a wonderful name for a dark-haired girl. A Winter may be somewhat reserved but is good-natured and resolute in her thinking. She may possess a love of learning and may influence others through her charm and sharp intellect. Those who share her name are activist Ella, famed researchers George and Greg, and authors Alice and Douglas. Winter flows smoothly with a solid middle name like Evangeline or Rebecca.

10. Presley

While its most recent bearers have made the name a little more rock 'n roll, Presley is of English origin and refers to a Priest's meadow. Presley may be a girl who makes up her mind and goes after what she wants. She may be wild at heart and bring light wherever she goes, spreading joy to those around her. Elvis is the most famous Presley to date, but others include songwriters Luther and Reg, athletes Alex and Leo, and prominent businesswoman Annette. The name Presley is flexible and pairs well with a delicate middle name like Magnolia or something a little more edgy like Avril.

Presley is a rock 'n roll kind of name, but it also means "meadow."

Presley is a rock 'n roll kind of name, but it also means "meadow."

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