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Unique Baby Names for Boys: Last Names as First Names

I believe that a rose by any other name actually may not smell as sweet.

These baby boy names are super unique.

These baby boy names are super unique.

10 Last Names as First Names

Choose a name for your baby that is uniquely theirs by combining classic elements in a style that's on trend. Have you thought of using last names for a strong moniker that stands out in a good way? These names are timeless and rare, without that undesirable feel of being made up.

1. Ledger

This name has English and German roots, and it refers to a tribe of spear people. Ledger is a fresh, solid name for an adventurous and energetic boy. It makes a statement while remaining easy to spell and pronounce. It also yields great nicknames like Edge or Lej. Besides famed Australian actor Heath, others with this surname include athletes Barry and Sarah, musicians Jen and Philip, and artist Peter. The name Ledger flows well with a softer middle name like Owen to balance it out, or keep the entire name tight with something resolute like Stone.

2. Beckham

Hailing from the Norfolk region of England, Beckham has certainly become more recognizable thanks to soccer star David, yet it has never cracked the list of top 100 baby names. Easily shortened to Beck or Becks, this is the name for someone who will lead with influence and isn't afraid to go down his own path. Besides David and his family, other notable Beckhams are performers Clark and Trap, and accomplished psychologist Albert. Because of the inherent sportiness of the name, it goes well with an effortlessly cool middle name like Ace or Enzo.


3. Holden

This is another English surname that means "from the hollow or valley" and makes a great first name. A Holden may be deep and grounded, firmly committed to people and ideas that are true. Holden is the name of the main character in J.D. Salinger's novel Catcher in the Rye, and it's also borne by actors William, Gina, and Jennifer, artists Andy and Clive, and businessman Henry James. This name is a great match with a classic middle name like James or something historic like Wyatt.

4. Boone

This name actually has French heritage, with its root meaning good or bountiful blessings. While it sounds like the perfect name for a rough and tumble cowboy, a child named Boone may be thoughtful and steadfast. He may work hard and enjoy time spent with those closest to him. In addition to well-known frontiersman Daniel, the name is also shared with singer Pat and businessman T. Boone Pickens. Boone pairs well with another surname as a middle name—something easy like Taylor or a little less common like Campbell.


5. Hendrix

An edgy name with German and Dutch history, Hendrix means estate ruler. A boy named Hendrix may be fearless, strong-willed, and a natural-born leader. Because of its link to famous guitar player Jimi, it has an undeniable air of coolness with a dash of rebellion. Others with this name are musicians Clyde and Margie, and athletes Jesse and Richard. Hendrix should be followed by a more established though not too common middle name like Levi or Ethan.

6. Nash

Never underestimate the effortlessly cool impact of simple one-syllable names. Nash comes from old England and has a nature connection; it means near the ash tree. Ancient cultures viewed the ash tree as standing for protection and power. This is the perfect name for a boy who will grow up to be a humanitarian, a protector and defender of people. This name is shared by famous mathematician John, basketball player Steve, poet Ogden, and musicians Graham, Chambers, and Overstreet. It's also a nod to the famous country western capital city. Modern yet understated, Nash flows smoothly with other recognizable but rare names like Dalton or Griffin.


7. Lennon

Let's keep the nod to rock 'n roll going. Rooted in the Irish language and since Anglicized, the name is derived from the original words for lover and blackbird. A boy named Lennon may be sensitive and idealistic. There's no escaping the connection with famous musician and pacifist John. Others with this name are novelist J. Robert, journalist Peter, and screenwriter Thomas. The name Lennon is complemented by an equally poetic middle name like Theodore or Oliver.

8. Huxley

Another English surname indicating a place, Huxley likely refers to a specific meadow or wood. It also yields great nicknames like Huck or Hux. This is a boy who may dream big and achieve great contributions to humanity. The bearer of the name Huxley may be intelligent and influential. He will carry on the legacy of the famously accomplished family that included author Aldous, scientist Thomas, philanthropist Julian, and Nobel Prize winner Andrew. A unique and exciting first name like Huxley can go well with a simple middle name like John or Edward.


9. Knox

Like Hendrix and Huxley, Knox has that X factor, which makes it fabulously chill. Its Scottish roots and easy pronunciation make it a name that's familiar and fresh at the same time. Knox is a great name for a boy who's inventive and confident. He may have great success in whatever he focuses on and be respected among his peers. The name Knox is shared by American Revolutionary Wary hero Henry (for whom Ft. Knox is named), US President Polk, and soccer player Cameron. A stoic name like Knox deserves a sturdy middle name like Eli or Henry.

10. Jagger

I couldn't resist one more nod to the rock gods. Jagger is originally an old English name but is usually associated with Rolling Stones frontman Mick. It's a name for a boy who has a wild streak and will light up a room of people. A Jagger may be competitive and make his own way in the world. The name is also shared by painter David, actor Dean, and gymnast Amy. Keep this vintage name bold and artistic with a middle name like Alton or Blue.


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