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250+ Vintage, Chic, and Popular French Names for Girls


No language evokes beautiful, chic, and elegant like the French language does. It's no wonder parents of all cultural backgrounds search for French names when choosing a moniker for their daughters.

The custom of naming in France traditionally involved parents taking saint names from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints. The Roman Catholic calendar assigned a saint for almost every day of the year, so parents typically gave their child the name of the saint that was attached to the day of the child's birth. This explains the prevalence of names like Marie, Michelle, Catherine, and Thérèse.

This tradition dissolved after 1966 when a law was passed to allow for French names that weren't religious, such as Violette or Geneviève, but they were still required to be French. It wasn't until 1993 when parents were free to name their child whatever they liked without any restrictions.

Here is a comprehensive list of traditional and popular French names for girls used in France and Canada.These names will give any girl an aura of elevated elegance and beauty.

French female celebrity icons

French female celebrity icons

NameMeaningFamous People With This Name


Noble strength

Audrey Tatou (French model and actress)


Magnificent and great

Brigitte Bardot (French actress), Brigitte Macron (first lady of France)



Title character in the novel and movie "Coraline"


Diminutive of Charles

Charlotte Gainsbourg (French actress and singer), Charlotte Le Bon (Canadian T.V. presenter), Charlotte Church (opera singer)


Young green shoot

Chloë Sevigny (actress), Chloé (French fashion house)


Oath of God or God is satisfaction

The subject of Beethoven's song "Fur Elise"


God is my strength; one of the archangels

Gabrielle Union (actress),


Feminine version of John

Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)


youthful, beautiful, and vivacious

Heroine from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," Juliette Adam (French author and feminist)


Elevated and magnificent

Madeleine L'engle (author of A Wrinkle in Time), Madeleine Albright (politician), Madeline (title character from the book "Madeline")


Lady of the sea; inspired by the Biblical Mary, mother of Jesus

Marie Curie(French scientist), Marie Antoinette (Queen of France)


Little dark-haired girl; dark

Mélanie Laurent (actress from Inglorious Bastards)


Winsome, pleasant, lovely

Noémie Lenoir (French model and actress)


From the forest

Sylvie Vartan (French singer)


crown of glory

Stéphane Audran (actress)


Cute and Pretty French Names

  1. Adélaïde: noble
  2. Amelie: hardworking
  3. Aurelie: golden
  4. Aveline: little hazelnut tree
  5. Celeste: Heavenly
  6. Clementine: mild, merciful
  7. Coralie: coral
  8. Cosette: something small and tiny
  9. Delphine: dolphin
  10. Élodie: foreign riches
  11. Éloise: healthy
  12. Esmée: beloved one
  13. Fayette: a little fairy
  14. Fleur: flower
  15. Fosette: dimpled
  16. Geneviève: woman
  17. Giselle: a pledge
  18. Inés: chaste and pure
  19. Lilou: lily flower
  20. Manette: sea of bitterness
  21. Manon: a derivative of Madeline, which means "elevated" or "magnificent"
  22. Margot or Margaux: pearl
  23. Meline: little honey
  24. Mirabelle: plum
  25. Nicollete: victorious
  26. Noelle: born on Christmas
  27. Noémie: pleasant and lovely
  28. Risette: pleasant little laugh

Classic French Girl Names

  1. Adrienne:from the city of Hadria
  2. Agnès: pure or holy
  3. Alice: Truth or reality
  4. Aline: noble
  5. Amélie: hardworking and industrious
  6. Anastasie: resurrection
  7. Andrée: feminine version of Andrew; brave
  8. Anne: gracious
  9. Antoinette: highly praiseworthy
  10. Bernadette: Brave as a bear; name of the girl saint who saw an apparition of Mother Mary in Lourdes
  11. Carole: A strong woman
  12. Caroline: strong
  13. Catherine: pure and clear
  14. Charlotte: feminine version of Charles, meaning manly
  15. Christine: follower of Christ
  16. Claire: clear and bright
  17. Colette: one who is victorious
  18. Danielle: God is my judge
  19. Dominique: belonging to the Lord
  20. Denise: Greek origin for Dionysius, the god of wine
  21. Édith: blessed with riches
  22. Émilie: excelling in all things
  23. Françoise: France or free one
  24. Geneviève: a race of women
  25. Isabelle: God is my oath
  26. Joséphine: God will add
  27. Juliette: youthful
  28. Lille: lilly
  29. Lucie: light
  30. Madeleine: an elevated tower, magnificent
  31. Mathilde: strength in battle
  32. Michelle: one who is like God
  33. Monique: wise
  34. Nathalie: born on Christmas day
  35. Pauline: humble and small
  36. Renée: reborn or born again
  37. Simone: one who hears
  38. Sophie: having wisdom and is skillful
  39. Sylvie: from the forest
  40. Thérèse: to reap or to gather

Unique French Names You've Probably Never Heard Of

  1. Abrielle: A woman of God
  2. Aceline: A noble woman
  3. Adalaide: Noble person
  4. Adalene: Person of aristocracy
  5. Adaline: Kind-hearted person
  6. Adelle: Diminutive form of Adeline
  7. Alodie: Wealthy
  8. Amalie: Hardworking and curious
  9. Aimée: Beloved and nurturing one
  10. Anelise: Devoted to God
  11. Annette: A variant of Hannah
  12. Audette: A bird
  13. Aurore: Goddes of dawn; golden and lively
  14. Aurorette: Variation of Aurore
  15. Aveline: hazelnut
  16. Avice: A refuge in battle
  17. Avignon: A city in Southeaster France that was the seat of Catholic Popes in the Middle Ages
  18. Avriel/Avril/Avryll: Spring and April
  19. Basilie: Basil
  20. Belle: Beautiful
  21. Benoite: Blessed
  22. Bijou: Jewel
  23. Blaise: Derived from the Greek word, Basilius, meaning royal or kingly
  24. Blanche: White
  25. Blisse: Delight or joy
  26. Camille: unblemished and perfect
  27. Capucine: cape
  28. Celine: Heavenly
  29. Cerise: Cherry
  30. Cezanne: A big flower
  31. Chanel: Pipeline
  32. Chantae: A sweet song
  33. Chantal: A stone for building
  34. Clarette: Clear and bright
  35. Davignon: dearly loved person
  36. Édelie: Having high principles
  37. Elayne: A ray of light
  38. Elloise: famous in war
  39. Eulalie: a well-spoken or sweet-speaking person
  40. Fabienne: a bean farmer
  41. Fleurine: to flow or little flower
  42. Garcelle: little spear
  43. Geneve: of the race of women; city in Switzerland
  44. Giverny: a French town
  45. Hughette: bright in mind and spirit
  46. Joelene: pretty
  47. Lizette: consecrated in God
  48. Marlène: graceful star of the sea
  49. Maëlle: princess, ambitious
  50. Maëlys: prounoucned Mah-Eh-Lee. It means "chief."
  51. Monet: noble
  52. Nadeleine: a ray of hope
  53. Ninette: God's valuable talent
  54. Océane: means ocean
  55. Odette: rich and wealthy
  56. Rochelle: woman who is like a rock
  57. Rosalee: Garden full of roses
  58. Salomé: from the Hebrew meaning peace
  59. Severine: a stern person
  60. Seychelle: an island
  61. Sidonie: follower of Saint Denys
  62. Solange: solemn or religious
  63. Yolanthe: strong
  64. Zélie: mother of St. Therese of Lisieux

Vintage French Girl Names















































































Hyphenated Compound French Names

Compound names used to be very common in France before the 21st century. Nowadays, you will often find people from the older generation with hyphenated names, but those in the younger generation have just one first name. The following are some common two-word French names for girls. They are considered a unit, so when meeting someone with a hyphenated name, address her with both words and not just the first one.

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Except I know two Jean-Marie’s... both females.

TmH on July 26, 2020:

Except "Jean-Marie" is not a girl's name, it's a boy's name with no unisex usuage. Jean in French is masculine and as a name prefix it masculinises any name that follows it, as is the case with Jean-Marie. Think also Jean-Paul, Jean-Francois.

Jay on July 23, 2020:

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Camille on June 13, 2020:

Eloise in French is with a silent H - Heloise.

Cosette is the name of a very sad and unlucky character of the famous "Les Miserables" - dont name your daughter Cosette...

Most Sylvies are 60 yo and over in France, as much as it is nice, it is not given to babies anymore.

Lily on May 23, 2020:


Maija on May 21, 2020:

Sylvie, Cosette, or Eloise? What should my baby sister's first name be? I think her middle name should be Delphine.

Gloire on May 09, 2020:

Gloire is a nice name but its not on the list.

Suzanne on May 08, 2020:

As someone who has traveled extensively in France and married into the culture, some things I noticed on your list:

- I agree with the person who said NEVER name a child Pipi for the love of God!

- Anelise is traditionally not with a "y".

- Anais has always an umlat (dots) over the "i" -thus ah-nah-EES.

- Along with Maelle ( please forgive that I can't put the umlat on this device) is Gaelle (with umlat); I think it means "gael" as in Scottish celt. It's gaee-ELL. Its an old name from Brittany.

- You left out Lucie, Lillie, Danielle, Colette, Gabielle.

- Lilou is a nickname. Like Minou. You call small children and cats those names. Lol

- I love that you include hyphenated names. Some of my favorites were there: Marie-Joelle and Marie-Claire. The first can be spelled traditionally Marie-Joel with the umlat over the "e". Others I've heard are Marie-Joseph (very old name) and Marie-Luce ( the "c" is "s" - the "u" between "oo" as in ooze, and the "u" in put or foot.

- most importantly, people should know that most names are pronounced differently in French. For example, the name Jade is not "Jayde" as in English. It's "zhahd". Make sure you consider both pronunciations.

Jolene on May 01, 2020:

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Anonymous on April 11, 2020:

I'm French and I just wanted to warn future parents that Pipi means urine in French and that it would be quite unfortunate to name your daughter that.

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Lily Xu on March 25, 2020:

I love these names so beautiful I am using them for a character in a book I searched everywhere for if Anne-Belle is a compound french name and it always corrected it to Annabelle. Your website just proved it is a French name. Thank you so much! keep it up!

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