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How Much Should You Pay a Teenager to Babysit?

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How Much Should You Pay a Teenager to Babysit?

How Much Should You Pay a Teenager to Babysit?

Finding a good babysitter is like hitting the lottery. It's hard to find someone whom you trust to take care of your little ones. But, there are a lot of things you need to consider before hiring a babysitter.

  • How do you know if you are hiring experienced sitter?
  • How much you should pay a teenager to watch your kids?
  • Is there a minimum age requirement for babysitting?
  • What work is involved when babysitting?

These are some questions you'll need to answer before you hire a teenager. Below, you'll find answers.

How Much Do Teenaged Babysitters Get Paid?

Being a babysitter is a great opportunity to earn extra cash and learn the value of hard work at a young age. But the question is, how much you should pay for a teenager to babysit?

What is the average pay rate?

There is no standard rate when it comes to babysitting. ZipRecruiter reports that babysitting wages run between $6.49 to as much as $30.29 per hour.

As for average pay for teenage babysitters, it currently ranges around $12.50 to $19.23.

How does experience affect a babysitter's pay?

Meanwhile, a Payscale report cites the following about teen babysitters’ hourly rates:

  • Around $10.03 for those with less than a year of experience (based on 16 salaries)
  • $9.80 for those with 1 to 4 years of babysitting experience (based on 24 salaries)
  • $8.75 for those with 5 to 9 years of experience (based on 7 salaries)

What factors determine the hourly rate?

The hourly rate of babysitting also depends on several factors, including:

  • years of experience
  • number of children to babysit
  • number hours the babysitter will be there
  • location

You should ask other parents how much they pay their babysitters. Note that babysitters might charge either a flat fee or by the hour.

What can you realistically expect from a teenaged babysitter?

What can you realistically expect from a teenaged babysitter?

What Can You Expect From a Teenaged Babysitter?

What can you expect teenage babysitters to do as part of their babysitting job?

  • Teen babysitters can temporarily take care of a baby or a young child while you are away from home.
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  • They can participate in different activities with the children. This includes sports events, homework, arts and crafts, etc.
  • They can help children with bathing, change diapers, and perform hygiene-related tasks.
  • They can cook limited meals, feed the children, and wash up.
  • For infants, they can ensure that sleep and feeding schedules are followed.
  • Basic household chores like washing the dishes and keeping the house tidy.
  • Watching over the children to prevent unwanted accidents and injuries.

What to Look For in (and What Questions to Ask) a Teenage Babysitter

It is best to look for someone who has experience babysitting children or infants. Other things to look for in a teenage babysitter include:

  • knowledge with infant or child first aid and CPR
  • babysitting certifications or courses
  • if they have recommendations from other parent-clients in your area
  • experience taking care of children of different ages (infants, toddlers, older children)
  • if they are able to take care of more than one child at a time
  • if they have their own transportation
  • if they can help with homework and house chores

Things That Might Cost Extra

The more tasks a teenage babysit can do, the higher he or she can charge. If you are looking for an experienced babysitter, you need to pay them accordingly. Also, you might have to pay the babysitter more during:

  • Holidays and special occasions
  • Short notices

In such cases, you might have to pay an additional one to three dollars to the babysitter. Remember, babysitters also have their families and personal life to attend to. That is why they deserve to get paid well for their time and responding to your child care needs.

Where to Find a Teenager to Babysit?

The next question is where to find teenage babysitters. One way is through word of mouth. You might find parents who are in praises with this one particular babysitter in your neighborhood. Or you can check out these best babysitting apps and websites to find babysitters in your area.

Is there a minimum age requirement for babysitters?

Is there a minimum age requirement for babysitters?

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Babysitting?

As mentioned, there are a lot of things to consider when looking for a babysitter. Taking care of kids can be overwhelming for tweens and early teens. Some teens can be entrusted to babysit other kids in their tweens (around 9 to 12 years old). Others may not have matured enough yet to handle babysitting jobs in their teens. In most cases, however, kids can start taking on babysitting jobs at around 13 years old. A handful of US states have required minimum ages to babysit.

Still, it is up to the parent's discretion as to when they can allow their children to babysit. Parents should gauge whether their child is ready and responsible for this important task. At the end of the day, the parents have the final say if they will allow their kids to babysit at a young age.

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