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Wii Keeps Kids Busy After School

Updated on April 11, 2016
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Wii Gaming

Some moms keep their kids clear of video games and rightly so. The bad effects of children playing video games are quite clear. For starters in some kids, it interrupts their study and social skills. That alone is an obvious reason to keep them away from the video screen. Some moms may be happy to know that trends in video games are changing to a more active participation and less individualization.

Wii gaming console from Nintendo keeps players busy and moving about interacting with other players during a synthesized game of tennis, bowling, baseball, basketball, racquetball and more.


Mothers would agree that Wii is a hit because of the motion controls. They are real easy to use while getting kids active and staying busy after school.

Dance Dance Revolution is another active game. Most family athletic clubs offer Wii and DDR at the Kid’s Center. Moms can enjoy a great workout after school, knowing their kids are being active as well. Kids are out of breath, very alert and sweating when mom returns from her workout.

Athletic Clubs Offer Wii

When Wii hit athletic clubs, kids became engaged in the onscreen action with the motion controls. We no longer see hypnotized children paying with video games. Now, we see them playing together in motion -- laughing and competing.

No way, these new active games are substitutes for the real thing. It is important for kids or adults to experience the real game. Moms and their kids can play round of golf but stay home, practicing at home in a virtual driving range.


Cardio Workout

The game accessories seem endless from zappers to shoot at the screen to lightsabers to golf clubs. Wii uses many ways get you or your kids off the couch and active.

Now let’s look at ways for moms to benefit from the Wii – not just play games but get in shape, creating a personal workout. Adding the balance board to your accessories, you can use the console to perform exercise routines, such as the Cardio Work Out with kickboxing.

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Balance Board

Nintendo’s balance board senses your weight and balance while interpreting the movement of your feet.

The motions start happening similar to the remote controller – you have complete control during the work.

You can perform squats, pushups, crunches, jumping rope, back exercises, dodge punching and log cutting. In no time, you will be having a fantastic time, sweating in your living room.

Wii could never replace a fitness class, but it is a doable substitute if you can’t make it to the athletic club, which moms experience quite often.


Nintendo is not the end all to keeping active. There are other manufacturers of interacting games with motion controls. For instance, Microsoft delivers Project Natal accessory for the Xbox 360. Natal combines the Wii concept with a senor bar, camera, microphone and hi-tech motion sensors. The idea is to create a fully interactive interface but never picking up a game controller. Mom and kids will be able to use a combination of voice commands and gestures. To top that off, they even scan their own real-world objects to use in the game.

All in all, the interactive games seem more proactive than the old video games. Getting kids involved with other kids after school with these games is a safe and positive approach to socializing.


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