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9 Reasons Your Child Should Not Go to School

My day job is teaching. My real passion is spending time with my family.

A traditional education can be harmful to students—here are nine reasons to consider keeping your child out of school.

A traditional education can be harmful to students—here are nine reasons to consider keeping your child out of school.

Is School Bad for Kids? Why We Don't Need School

Do you have a child who is troubled, doesn't fit in, or simply doesn't excel in the classroom? Perhaps you should consider alternative education methods, such as homeschooling.

Adults often say, "I went to school, and I turned out just fine." This may be true, but every child is unique. The cons of public school education, including peer pressure, access to drugs, and government-mandated learning objectives and testing requirements, may outweigh the pros for some students.

Below are nine reasons why your kid shouldn't go to school.

9 Reasons to Not Go to School

  1. Bullying
  2. Obesity
  3. Street Drugs
  4. Prescription Drugs
  5. Socialization
  6. State and Federally Mandated Objectives
  7. Artificial Environment
  8. Standardized Testing
  9. Lack of Learning

1. Bullying

One reason to consider keeping your kids from school is bullying—aggressive or hurtful words or actions that create a power imbalance and negatively affect all involved, including the bullied student, the bully, and bystanders.

Bullying is a serious issue in schools; around 20% of students are bullied, yet less than half of them report the bullying incidents to adults at the school. About 15% of reported bullying is online or by text—also known as cyberbullying.

The effects of bullying don't stop in the classroom. Victims of bullying can be affected by this behavior into adulthood, so if you're considering keeping your child out of school due to concerns about the negative impact bullying may have on them, you certainly have a right to be concerned.

Bullying is also experienced by adults, including in the workplace, among family members, at PTA meetings, and in virtually every setting imaginable. So, while keeping your child out of school may prevent them from being bullied at a young age, regardless of how they were educated, they are likely to witness or experience bullying at some point in their lives.

2. Obesity

Studies have shown that you are more likely to be overweight if your closest friends are overweight. Pack the students together, feed them all the same highly processed food for breakfast and lunch, and they will inevitably grow wider.

American schools do offer healthy lunch options, but many students bring unhealthy snacks and meals from home, or older students have open-campus lunches and eat fast food instead of healthy, nutritious meals.

Nearly 20% of children in the United States are considered overweight, and physical activities and recess take a backseat to the academic elements of public education. Bad eating habits and a lack of emphasis on physical activity are important reasons kids should stay out of school.

Keeping your kid away from school helps to keep them away from drugs, too.

Keeping your kid away from school helps to keep them away from drugs, too.

3. Street Drugs

Right now, your child knows that if they want to find an illegal drug, they simply have to contact the right person. This is something that all students (and teachers) are aware of, and the basic laws of supply and demand ensure that drugs on campus aren't going away anytime soon.

According to the CDC, 15% of high school students have used hard drugs or injected drugs, while half have tried marijuana. Substance abuse has serious effects on students' academic performance, physical and mental health, and relationships with family and peers. Students who abuse drugs are more likely to drop out of school or end up in the juvenile justice system.

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As much as we might want to say, "That doesn't happen at my kid's school!" the fact is, it does.

Prescriptions drugs are also a danger on school campuses.

Prescriptions drugs are also a danger on school campuses.

4. Prescription Drugs

Even if you aren't concerned about your child gaining access to illicit street drugs, prescription medications, such as stimulants (like Adderall), depressants (like Xanax), and opioids (like OxyContin), can be found in many households. Not only are adults in possession of prescription medications, but you'd be surprised how many students themselves are on some form of behavioral medication.

A kid who doesn't fit the mold is usually referred to a counselor. That counselor then refers the student to a psychiatrist, where the student may be prescribed some pretty heavy-duty, mind-altering drugs.

Regardless of whether a student or other member of the household is the one with the prescription, students are able to access these drugs for themselves or to share with or sell to their peers. Prescription drug abuse is less common than alcohol or marijuana use, but the effects can be devastating.

Nearly half of teens who reported using prescription drugs said they obtained the drugs from a friend or relative. Teens who use prescription drugs are more likely to use other drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, and engage in risky behavior overall. Therefore, keeping your child out of school may prevent them from getting access to these drugs from peers and being influenced by peer pressure to consume prescription drugs and other illicit substances.

5. Socialization

When a parent says they homeschool their kids, the first question from everyone's lips is, "How are they socialized?" Many believe that kids who do not attend school are bound to be abnormal, socially awkward individuals who are unable to work with other people.

The question is, though, have those people ever thought about the type of socialization that is offered at school?

Kids may be bullied and be subjected to peer pressure, and public schools encourage conformity by implementing grade-level learning standards, enforcing arbitrary learning standards, and more.

Schools provide the same type of socialization prisons provide. Students are taught to walk through desolate hallways, sit quietly for long periods of time, listen to authority figures, and be like everyone else. To be fair, there is socialization at school, but do you really want your child to be socialized in that way?

Studies show that homeschooled students are on par with their peers in traditional education systems in terms of social, psychological, and emotional development and may also be more politically tolerant and involved in community activities later in life. So while public school students are socialized differently, the stereotype of a socially awkward homeschooled kid is far from reality.

6. State and Federally Mandated Objectives

There are not enough days in a school year to incorporate all the objectives set forth by the various governmental agencies. To keep up with impossible deadlines, teachers shove information down students' throats without worrying whether or not they are actually retaining any of the information.

Even more concerning is that the subjects are often far from relevant. Does a fifth-grader really need to know what a dangling participle is?

Standards-based education is not necessarily in the best interest of the students. Standards-based assessments emphasize achieving a certain score rather than fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and a love of learning.

We are all good at certain subjects, yet we require schoolchildren to be great at all of them. This is completely out of whack with the skills people actually need in their day-to-day lives.

7. Artificial Environment

Where else are human beings grouped together like they are in school, where their entire day is controlled by an authority figure who dictates what they are allowed to do and when they are allowed to do it?

The only place that comes to mind is prison.

Many of the lessons taught in these artificial environments have no practical application and are only taught so that students can pass standardized testing.

Often, educators "teach the test" so that students can do well on standardized testing, securing funding for school districts and teacher salaries.

Often, educators "teach the test" so that students can do well on standardized testing, securing funding for school districts and teacher salaries.

8. Standardized Testing

Students are no longer learning subject matter; they are learning how to eliminate choices B and D on a Scantron. That way, they have a 50/50 shot at getting the right answer. Teachers call it "good test-taking skills" and could care less whether the student is actually retaining the material.

Standardized test scores often measure superficial thinking, don't take into account socioeconomic factors, and don't accurately measure the quality of learning or teaching at a given educational institution.

Yet, still, standardized test scores factor into determining school budgets and teacher salaries. So, teachers are incentivized to "teach the test," limiting students' creativity and ability to learn new skills not required by standardized tests.

9. Lack of Learning

I shouldn't make such a blanket statement, but I will say that true learning has gone by the wayside. The typical cycle is cram, memorize, regurgitate, and forget. Students have material splattered at them at such an incredible pace that they have no choice but to memorize the material, then make space for more.

They've been conditioned to perform when needed at the expense of having a true understanding of what they are learning at school.

We are shortchanging students on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Is it any wonder that our students are so unprepared when they graduate?

Our Students Deserve Better

Demand better and take your kid(s) out of school to make a point. Most, but not all, teachers work very hard, but one drawback is that many have never been out of the school system.

These teachers started school as kindergarteners, went to junior high, high school, college, and at age 22, stepped right back into the school system as a teacher. It is all they know.

The world around us has progressed, but in many ways, the school system operates in the same manner it did in 1952. How many companies operate on the same platform as they did half a century ago and are still around?


bamidele marvellous on August 13, 2020:

how did you write this blog if you did not go to school

CHICKEN NUGGETS on April 07, 2020:

Well, you know your thing!

yeet on April 02, 2020:

Nice article.

yessiritsme on March 30, 2020:

i think that school is great

Ryleigh on March 24, 2020:

Im a girl 6th grade student and school sucks. Even with all this covid 19 stuff im bored cause i hate staying inside and doing school seems like it would give you something to do righ? NOPe it just makes you even more board so yeah school sucks

Boymom15 on March 15, 2020:

Thank you! I have a 5 year-old and yes being homeschooled. My reasons? As his parent, it's my job to get him through life with as little damage as possible. I'm NOT doing that but sending him to a building where there's a possibility that his teacher is some morally bankrupt child molester, where the kids who's been bullied finally has enough and walks in killing everyone he sees, where he could be bullied to the point of suicideby

Elijah on March 06, 2020:

I think to myself, " what is the point of Middle School and High School? ". I often think about this and yea I kinda agree to go to school to learn the basics , but there should be no reason whatsoever so attend middle school or High School. What I found on this website was very helpful to me. Even with the coronavirus running around. I am a CCSD student in Middle School 6th Grade. Attending Thurman White Academy of the Performing Arts. So there should be no reason to attend middle school and/or High School. People in high school sometimes get Bullied or Humiliated for their looks or what they think. So I think this is the reasoning to NOT go to school. I hope some people younger and/or older than me find this document helpful. I send all of my support to the Writer of this document.

1 hour ago on March 06, 2020:

School and middle school are useless, these are designed to make students feel uncomfortable and subject to the authority of the teachers, parents and social pressure that tells you ''please study hard, is for your sake!!! ''for your future!!!''.

It always been depressing and sad to wake up early in the cold and rainy mornings of winter and knowing that on a Monday I couldn't take a nap because I had to study for an exam on Tuesday.

High School bring me bad memories, a very bad social ambience of competence and extreme obsession with getting good grades, and by the other hand it wasn't pleasant to listen my teachers and to interact with arrogant students who yelled at me because when we work in groups I was very clumsy and lazy.

If one day I have kids, I will make sure I will never ever bring them to school neither middle school, is useless, you don't learn anything, and you can get bullied by thugs trying to act like 30 year old adults. These are torture camps make to brainwash young students into repeating the same things, studying boring things like history, maths, literature, science that are much more interesting to learn in the Internet or in a library.

What's worth about going to high school?? Absolutely nothing, only making good friends was the worthier thing, if rarely, because the social ambience of modern education is too toxic to make good friends, and is filled with edgy teenagers with social networks at young ages, competitiveness, guys acting like they are grown adults, angry teachers, guys smoking weed, exams and too much stress.

Anthony on March 05, 2020:

Kids should be homeschooled

carlos flores vargas on March 04, 2020:

In many parts of the world it's not as easy as raising your hand and asking to go to the toilet. Many girls - particularly adolescents who are menstruating - don't go to school because of a lack of privacy, unavailability of sanitary disposal facilities and water shortages

bryson on March 02, 2020:

kids should not have school because 99% of what we learn we forget

elijah on February 27, 2020:

i ###### hate school who agrees

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school is trash

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You should all go back to school for a bit. Horrible grammar.

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Matt on February 02, 2020:

I agree to. it's not just those problems, it's the fact how long you spend your life in school. For me a world without school would be weird because that's all I know. Australia (where I live) currently has some of the most dumbest kids on the planet that has schools. The problem isn't just because of education funding, it's because students feel like they're in prison, they get stressed and sometimes depressed. I don't know even a single person who likes school, not even one person.

sandluca on January 09, 2020:

I agree with this! I literally have social anxiety and I don’t even have friends in my classroom! I hate the fact that other kids can be idiots and bullies. Whoever invented school should be ashamed

qwerty on January 01, 2020:

I agree with this! I literally have social anxiety and I don’t even have friends in my classroom! I hate the fact that other kids can be idiots and bullies. Whoever invented school should be ashamed

maddrox on December 05, 2019:

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school gives us way to much info you should sign up to have more info

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They don´t teach right some times

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ProChick17 on October 21, 2019:

if you stay at home you can eat chickennuggets and sleep in

CherryLatte on October 21, 2019:

Spicy Memes

Technically it's not illegal to not make your child go to school. There is homeschooling and a little thing called unschooling. Personally, unschooling is the better of the options but either works better than public school would. The government only needs to know that you are choosing to do this instead and then you don't need to force a kid to go somewhere absolutely horrible.

CherryLatte on October 21, 2019:

I have more to add, school is not the only place to socialize kids. There are outside activities kids may enjoy like archery, horseback, ice skating, just going for a walk, etc. There are clubs out there in the world, it would be more beneficial for kids to meet where they want to be rather than a place they are forced to go to clumped in a random group of other kids and one teacher.

CherryLatte on October 21, 2019:

I 100% agree with everything on this list! Not to mention that most of the time everything done at school could be done at home in possibly less time and with more focus on an individual rather than trying to find the line of best fit as we learn in math. It would be better to have a nonlinear line that accommodates for every student instead of working to make as many as possible, more people could succeed with personal pathways. We have computers in libraries, for those who don't have enough money, that they could use to learn things on their own path. Ideally everyone could have their own technology but that's most likely not happening especially not anytime soon. Education could be online and personal while being free, there could be ads on the site and students could pay for merch if they wanted to. There could be less tax this way too if there was not really a need for these factory schools.

&*%&&&^$%%&^*&^(*^&^&*^ on October 15, 2019:

good job

kessler on September 05, 2019:

I hate what schools are doing to children, and wish we could do something about it. However, you and everyone you know is on the government list from when they are born to when they die. Are greatest plan is forming a malitia towards both schools and government power. lets stand together and prevent ourselves from getting polluted. A malitia is are best line of defense. This goes for both children and adults.

jamie on September 02, 2019:

Ideally, I think children should be encouraged to figure out what they are passionate about and then get involved in learning environments geared toward those passions, allowing kids to set their own pace. I also think everyone should think of themselves as both a teacher and student, so that each interaction is an opportunity for discovery.

??? on August 21, 2019:

School won’t make you take drugs

what on August 13, 2019:


Mike maloney. on August 12, 2019:

I am glad to see that all the privelaged people who can afford to stay home and home school their kids are raising successful humans. It is nice to know that when a parent can meet all the basic needs of their child and values education that the child can grow up and become a success. Pat yourself on the back here. Confirm your bias. Truth is, your child isnt having anywhere near the struggles of the orphaaned kid who is getting beaten and/or molested by caregiver and caant be bothered to focus at school cuz well...there life is hard.

Rikki on July 31, 2019:

As a current student, going into my senior year, I cannot tell you how enraged I am. My entire childhood wasted! Yes, there have been a few things I learned in school like writing and reading, but most of it is just hogwash. Not to mention the amount of sleep teenagers need is ignored, as are the different ways people learn. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you why we have a mental health epidemic and an increasing suicide rate. SCHOOL. (Yes there are other factors, but this is a large one.) If anyone has the courage to argue this, try talking to me or any other student who has had to TALK THEIR FRIENDS OUT OF SUICIDE because of school stresses!

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this is interesting (=[)

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